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“Hong Kong / Cantonese Cuisine”, which among chinese’s authentic famous cuisine being practised widely and favourite by most of the Malaysian locals mainly found in those chinese restaurants in our nation. Also here in Johor, we successfully found and recognised among the best asian & cantonese (HK) cuisines eating place “Restaurant Dinosaur” in the middle of southern district since year 2011. Having positive response from the visitors recently.

The Indonesian-Chinese Ms. Chong Ai Zhen (born 1969), who been more than 20 years in Malaysia, was the founder and the current owner of this recommended authentic cantonese & asian cuisines eating house name “Restaurant Dinosaur” at Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru introducing all their home traditional recipe selections to the locals and visitors in comfortable environment under a roof running into their 7th years. Also being recognised as best in town year 2018.

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Ms. Chong Ai Zhen, who at her age of 49 years old currently, also the restaurant’s main chef initially reached Malaysia in year 1997 at her 28th of age touched the f&b industry began as a waitress in a chinese cuisine restaurant in Johor Bahru. With her great interest in eatery & chefing, she later-on been reached Kuantan, Pahang further her exposure as a kitchen trainee for years enabled Ai Zhen experienced the field then positioned as a chef to strenghten her skills in the industry.

On Ai Zhen’s mission to have her very own eating house, added with her vision to expose further in the career and foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry made her in year 2011 established the first and owned chinese (HK) cantonese & asian cuisines eating house registered as “Restaurant Dinosaur” in the middle of Johor Baru town at Taman Pelangi presenting her signature menus to the market in manner. And being assisted by family members from the beginning allowed her to stay a place in the southern nation.

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In this Restaurant Dinosaur, the chef’s very first and top recommended in menus will be their signature traditional authentic eatery “White Pepper Pork Knucles Soup” which most wanted by their regular customers. Local fresh pork trotters selected, well cleaned then boiled at least 6 hours with white pepper seeds, matured gingers and garlics, then served boiled in claypot to keep the warm brings excellent fair pepper spicy & pork trotter’s freshness into mouth. Also the natural pork collagen brought out from the stewed you must try when reached Johor.

Secondly will be their famous “Thai Style Fish”, which among the restaurant’s daily top seller recently favourite by their visitors. Options of local fresh red snapper, grouper fish etc prepared in flour-deep fried, then served with poured onto their fully in-house prepared Thai sauce on home recipes and finally topped with onions, cucumbers, red carrots & mango shredded brings wonderful appertising sour, sweet & nice spicy taste you cannot aside here. Will be totally differ from the others, neither found the same in town.

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Another will be their “Self Make Tofu” or Homemade Beancurd, which only in Restaurant Dinosaur. Home-cooked beancurd from mixtures of soy beans & chicken egg after 20 minutes steamed, shaped into square pillow pieces then deep fried, served poured onto their home recipe gravy sauce and finally topped with crispy deep fried needle mushroom & dry chicken floss will be an amazing tasty soft eatery into mouth you never regret after tasted here.

Nonetheless, the owner also introduced their best Hong Kong Cantonese style “Pan-Fried Pork Chop” which most wanted by the youngsters nowadays. Fresh pork-chop meats prepared in fine fillet sliced, marinated for hours on home recipes mixture, then followed by pan-fried, served sided with either Dino or Thai sauce on customer’s option and taken sided with a sunny egg & bowl of hot boiled white rice you really cannot missed when stepped into this best recognised HK Cantonese & Asian cuisines eating house “Restaurant Dinosaur” at Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru.



Address: No. G-7,

Jalan Perang,

Taman Pelangi,

80400 Johor Bahru,


Business Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm (Daily)

(Closed on Tuesday)



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