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“Burger”, is among the famous western’s delicacy eatery choice most favourite all the while being practised and taken since decade. Also becoming one of the all day meals menu selected by our locals around the nation which presented by restaurants & cafes on respective recipes. But here in the south, we found the amazing and also been successfully recognised best Burger specialist in “9 Story Cafe” running by a group of youngsters since year 2017, having great positive response from the market nowadays.

The local Johorean Mr. William Lee Wey Lin (born 1988), was the initial founder, together with his elder sister Ms. Sharon Lee Yean Fong (born 1987) both are the current immediate owners of this best recommended chinese & western cuisines cafe restaurant “9 Story Cafe”(Nice Story Cafe) introducing their very signature menus, especially their Giant Burger, Waffle Burger and other selections to the locals & visitors in a manner environment at Skudai, Johor.

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William Lee, the founder cum cafe’s chinese & western chef, who only at his age of 30 years old currently, all the while since teenage having great interest in eatery & chefing field. Initially stepped into the f&b industry in year 2010 at his 22nd of age began as a kitchen trainee in a vegetarian restaurant at hometown Johor Bahru. Later-on exposed in his partnership career spent about 5 years running his chinese vegetarian eating house been at Taman Setia Indah named “Gano House”, then another named “Last Vegan” all the while serving vegetarian menus.

With circumstances, William’s experiences hold in the field and his vision to have his very owned cafe, added with his sister Sharon’s supports & foreseeing Willam’s self-studies on western cuisine’s market opportunity in the f&b industry allowed these brother & sister in year 2017 have decided and successfully established their very first and owned chinese & western cuisines cafe restaurant named “9 Story Cafe”(Nice Story Cafe) at Skudai, Johor presenting Chef William’s homemade recipes on their signature menus. Being recognised among the best burger eating house in town year 2018.

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In this “9 Story Cafe”, the founder cum chef’s very first top recommended in menus surely will be their newly introduced “Waffle Cheese Fried Chicken Chop & French Fries” which to be served only here. In-house marinated chicken drumstick prepared in boneless, floured-up followed by minutes deep fried, placed in between waffles with combination of ham, cheese, tomato & cucumber slice, poured onto mayonnaise & chilli sauce, finally served sided with potato fries will be their wonderful famous signature Waffle Chicken Chop Burger you must try. Neither found elsewhere in town.

Secondly will be the most amazing found in this cafe, their well known “9 Story-9 Inches Giant Burger” which also can be served in 15 inches on request. The mixtures of in-house cooked sausage, ham, cheese, deep fried chicken chop, fish fillet & veges with poured onto mayonnaise & chilli sause, finally placed in between huge burger breads, then served sided with french fries and chicken nuggets brings unbelievable Giant Burger that you need to bring your friends & family in a group to finish up here.

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Another will be their “Giant Stomach Chicken, Fish & Lamb”, which also among the cafe’s daily top seller recently in grilled menus. Chicken drumstick prepared in boneless, lamb & fish fillet marinated in home recipes, then pan-grilled to cooked, served poured onto their in-house homemade special gravy sauce will brings excellent roasted-grilled exotic taste and meat’s freshness into mouth you will never found the same in town.

Nonetheless, the chef William also introduced their well going “Mongolian Fried Chicken Chop with French Fries” which made up with the combination of their delicious crispy deep fried chicken chop, veges salad & potato fries, then taken tipping onto their home prepared recipe gravy sauce will be the best matching you really cannot missed when stepped into this interesting chinese & western cuisines eating place “9 Story Cafe”(Nice Story Cafe) at Skudai, Johor.




Address: No. 45,

Jalan Pendekar 9,

Taman Ungku Tun Aminah,

81300 Skudai,


Business Hours: 8:30am to 11:30pm (Daily)

(Closed on Monday)



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