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“Hakka Mee” is a kind of traditional noodles eatery practised and taken frequently & mostly by the chinese’s Hakka religious since decade, have being nowadays among the local’s favourite noodles selection easily found everywhere in our nation all presenting on respective home recipes. Here in Perak, we found and successfully recognised the best recommended Hakka Mee carried by ‘Fu Khee  Hakka Mee’ (Restoran Hakka Mee) in town serving their homemade recipes to the public in manner.

The Ipoh, Perak local originated brothers Mr. Chin Woon Khee (born 1971) and his younger brother Mr. Chin Woon Fu (born 1978) both were the immediate initial owners of this best recognised Hakka Mee eating house “Restoran Hakka Mee” at Melor Park, Ipoh introducing not only their signature Hakka Noodles but also other homemade menu selections to the locals & visitors under a roof. Being recognised among the best in town by our goodself in year 2018.

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Chin Woon Khee, who at his age of 47 years old currently, initially stepped into the f&b industry at his twenties began as a Japanese Cuisine chefing trainee stayed few years in the field also been reached Singapore to experience the career. Then joined his families & helping in their family’s noodle house where he continued his exposure in the industry from his 30s. While Chin Woon Fu, who at his 40th recently, all the while having great interest in eatery began to touch the family’s career at his 30s of age in hometown Ipoh.

With the experiences hold on exposure in the field, wishing to expose further in the career and added with their vision to have their very owned brothers’ noodle house. Also foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry allowed Woon Khee and Woon Fu in year 2018 successfully established their very own “Restoran Hakka Mee” along Jalan Chung Ah Min, Ipoh (Perak) serving all their in-house Hakka recipes to the market.

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In this Restoran Hakka Mee, the very first top signature among the menus surely will be their homemade “Traditional Hakka Mee” which most wanted by their regular customers. Fine flour-made flat noodles (Hakka Noodles) boil-cooked in minutes, mixed with in-house sauce broth mixtures & onto pepper powder, then served topped with their homemade pork lean meat cubes, sided with local’s chewing bites beansprouts and a bowl of their hours boiled soup base prepared from mixtures of ikan bilis & yellow beans. Finally taken with their homemade garlic & chilli shredded provided brings excellent complete set of their famous traditional Hakka Mee you must try. Especially the fair salty & sweet home recipe taste into mouth and the noodle’s bites texture itself.

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Secondly will be their well-known homemade “Fish Ball” and “Meat Ball”, which wholly prepared in-house on home recipes will also among the noodle house’s daily top seller favourite by the visitors. Fish Balls and Meat Balls boil-cooked then served in their soup base or option taken added/sided to their Hakka Mee on customer’s request you will really cannot aside. The unbelievable bites texture into mouth and the balls freshness taste too neither found better in town that you cannot aside here.

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Moreover, the Chin brothers Woon Khee and Woon Fu also taken this opportunity to introduce their very home recipe “Hakka Yong Tau Fu” or Stuffed Beancurd which prepared daily with limited serves everyday. Options of deep-fried stuffed eggplant, sengkuang, wantan, meat ball, beancurd sheet and boiled stuffed chilli & their most saleable stuffed beancurd insided with mixtures of pork and fish all commonly to be served in their exotic soup base brings wonderful Hakka eatery you really cannot missed when stepped towards this best recommended “Restoran Hakka Mee” at Ipoh, Perak.



Address: No. 106,

Jalan Chung Ah Ming,

Melor Park,

31650 Ipoh,


Business Hours: 7:30am to 11:30am (Daily)

(Closed on Thursday)



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