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“Lei Cha” or also known Ground Tea is a traditional Southern Chinese tea-based beverage or gruel which began since thousands of years ago originated from the Hakka regions of Taiwan (China), being among the local’s favourite eatery not only for Hakka religious but also the others in our nation. Here in the North Malaysia (Perak), we found and successfully recognised among the best authentic Lei Cha (Ground Tea) carried by the Phan family in Ipoh going into 2nd generation.

The Ipoh, Perak originated Mr. Michael Phan Yoon Loong (born 1979), together with his wife Ms. Kuo Hsin Yi (born in Taiwan) both were the initial founders and immediate owners of this best north nation’s traditional Hakka’s Ground Tea eating house “Restoran Tian Ji Lei Cha” along Ipoh town introducing all their homemade signature Ground Tea or “Lei Cha” menu selections to the locals & visitors under a roof since year 2017.

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Michael Phan who at his age of 39 years old recently, was formerly an Electronic Game Planner & Designer all the while exposed in Taiwan. All the while having great interest in eatery, also holding an F&B certified qualification in Taiwan allowed him to have enough experiences and skills in chefing, later-on reached back to hometown Ipoh in year 2016 then practically touched the F&B industry began helping mother (who running a Ground Tea food stall more than 10 years in Ipoh, Perak) at their Hakka Lei Cha food stall made Michael fully stepped into the career.

With his vision to have his very own Hakka recipe eating house, wishing to further his exposure in the field mean while promoting Phan family’s traditional Lei Cha eatery to the market and added with foreseeing the market opportunity in the F&B industry made Michael together with his wife Hsin Yi successfully established their very first & owned Hakka’s Ground Tea eating house named “Restoran Tian Ji Lei Cha” at Station 18, Ipoh in year 2017 serving all their homemade traditional Lei Cha menus into selections. Having great positive response from the public, and being recognised among the best in town year 2018.

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In this Tian Ji Lei Cha, the owners’ very first top recommended in menus surely will be their Phan family’s generation traditional “Original Tian Ji Lei Cha” which most wanted by their regular customers. Their tea-based (soup/tea) prepared from the mixtures of 4 veges ingredients being fried, then blended into paste added with peanut & sesame shredded and finally served in soup/tea (Lei Cha) after boiled with hot water. Taken sided with the veges mixtures made up of chopped cabbage, beans, onions, mali veges, garlic beancurd shredded, raddish with dried shrimp etc topped onto garlic white rice. Also commonly sided with their in-house stuffed beancurd (Yong Tau Fu) or A-Zat (Acar-acar) will be their Tian Ji’s complete set of wonderful Hakka Lei Cha you must try when reached Ipoh, Perak.

Secondly will be their signature “Brown Rice Lei Cha”, which also among the restaurant’s daily top seller nowadays favourite by the locals that can be served in options of Vegetarian without onions on customer’s request. Also bowl of their in-house prepared tea-based Lei Cha or Ground Tea sided with veges mixtures topped onto boiled brown rice will brings another excellent veges freshness into mouth and exotic Hakka’s delicacy eatery you cannot aside here.

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Another will be their “Porridge Lei Cha”, which specially introduced in this restaurant neither found the same elsewhere in town. Porridge prepared and boiled in hours from brown rice mixture, then served topped onto their home-made Ground Tea / Lei Cha paste. And finally taken also with their veges mixtures or stuffed beancurd in options brings totally different Lei Cha eatery recipe you will never regret after tasted here. Moreover, their “Rice Noodles Lei Cha” also among the restaurant’s menu selection served in manner only in “Tian Ji Lei Cha” in town currently.


Other than Tea-based Ground Tea / Lei Cha, the owners also taken this opportunity to introduce their very special “Lei Cha Toast” which made you unbelievable. The mixtures of their Lei Cha paste and veges combination being compressed in-between breads then served after minutes toasted brings very outstanding & special ways in taking Hakka’s Lei Cha (Ground Tea) that you really cannot missed when stepped into this “Restoran Tian Ji Lei Cha” located at Ipoh town, Perak.



Address: No. 35,

Jalan Medan Station 18/1,

Station 18,

31650 Ipoh,


Business Hours: 9:30am to 3:00pm (Daily)

(Closed on Tuesday)



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