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“Steamboat”, which being famously and widely practised and taken in this 21st century especially in our nation Malaysia that bringing group of friends or family members all together to enjoy their meal on a table. Here in Perak, we found among the best steamboat restaurant “DIY Mini Hotpot” that serving their customers not only a ‘Buffet Style Steamboat’ but also providing their 2-in-1 mini hotpot which selections being ‘Serve on Order’ since year 2015.

The Ipoh, Perak originated Mr. Won Chee Seng (born 1969), together with his wife Ms. Cheong Kam Yuit both were the initial founders and also the recent immediate owners of this best recommended “DIY Mini Hotpot” steamboat eating house at Falim, Ipoh introducing their buffet style mini hotpot with 2-in-1 (boil & grill) on a table that with serves on order basis to the locals and visitors all under a roof. Also being assisted by their next generation eldest son Won Khai Yie (born 1994) recently.


The founder cum first owner Won Chee Seng who at his age of 49 years old currently, is all the while being more than 30 years in the Shoes Manufacturing Industry. Having great interest in eatery, also realised the local’s favourite trend on this mini hotpot buffet steamboat field and added with foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry made him (Chee Seng) in year 2015, with wife Kam Yuit successfully established their very first and owned restaurant named “DIY Mini Hotpot” steamboat eating house at Falim, Ipoh began on a floor serving buffet mini hotpot steamboat, then exposed into double floors with 2-in-1 mini hotpot combine the dual boil & grill on a table. Having great response from the market allowed them in year 2018 being recognised among the best in Perak.

In this DIY Mini Hotpot restaurant, the founders introduced their very top recommended “Soup Base Hotpot” which served on options of Herbal Soup, the restaurant’s daily top seller recently. Also their TomYam Soup, Porridge Base, Pepper Soup, Japanese Sweet Soup and Hot & Spicy Soup all prepared & boiled hours in-house on home recipe ingredients mixture that you must try when reached Ipoh, Perak.

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While on their more than 100 steamboat’s food selection corners, there are categories of raw & marinated meats, fresh seafoods, vegetables & mushrooms, frozen steamboat choices, noodles and variable cuisines of cooked food all to be served on order and free flow (buffet basis) which really more than only a buffet steamboat here that you really never regret after tasted in this mini hotpot restaurant. Foods taken boiled in soup or either grilled on electrical pan will be all on customer’s option completed on a table you really cannot aside.

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At their famous “Cooked Food Corner”, combinations of Chinese, Western & Japanese Cuisines all served on home recipes prepared in-house. Such as their signature “Roasted Pork Belly” which among the visitor’s favourite brings excellent bites texture & taste into mouth neither found the same elsewhere in town. Another will be their “Deep Fried Chicken”, “Deep Fried Wantan”, “Chinese Pan Cake” & “Lobak” which also most wanted by their regular customers. Moreover, their western cuisine’s top recommended among menus will be their “Lamb Chop Spaghetti” and woderful Japanese Sushi selections that served in manner.

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After meals, you can also enjoy their free flow “Desserts” & “Beverages” which also prepared in choices on customer’s favourites that you really cannot believe it is just a steamboat restaurant. Choices on soup base, unlimited various food choices & serves on order (but on buffet style basis), and their 2-in-1 mini hotpot with boil & grill all on a table make the visitors really cannot missed the chance to step into this “DIY Mini Hotpot” steamboat restaurant when reached Ipoh, Perak.



Address: No. 7 & 9,

Persiaran Menglembu Suria,

Pusat Perniagaan Suria,

30200 Ipoh,


Business Hours: 5:00pm to 11:00pm (Daily)

(Closed on Tuesday)



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