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“Honey Chicken”, which among the Menglembu (Perak) local’s favourite delicacy kind of fried chicken selection brought into the market since 30 years ago. Here itself along the Menglembu’s Glutton Street (Wai Sek Kai), we found and successfully recognised the best recommended “Wonderful Honey Chicken (Since 1986)” specialised shop running all the while by the Phoo’s sisters since year 1986. Being response positively nowadays by the locals and visitors.

Both the Ipoh, Perak originated sisters Madam Elaine Phoo Yoke Lin (born 1957), together with elder sister Madam Susan Phoo Yoon Noiy (born 1953) both were the initial founders and the immediate recent owners of this well-known fried chicken eating house “Wonderful Honey Chicken (Menglembu) Since 1986″ in Perak introducing all their home recipe fried chicken / honey chicken to the public under a roof along Menglembu old street (Glutton Street), from a roadside stall into a specialised shop for more than 30 years history.


Elaine Phoo, who at her age of 29 years old been fully stepped into the f&b industry in year 1986 began her very first & owned roadside stall at Menglembu’s Wai Sek Kai (Glutton Street), with sister Susan Phoo started to serve their very home recipe deep fried chicken to the locals. Then introduced their very homemade Honey Chicken selection after a year in 1987 having great response from the public allowed them moved into a chinese kopitiam stayed years which named “Wonderful Honey Chicken” continue their exposure in the field for about 20 years there.

With the Phoo sisters’ vision to further expose their career, also wishing to have their very owned eating house and added with foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry made them decided & successfully established their “Wonderful Honey Chicken (Menglembu) Since 1986″ fried chicken eating house at Jalan Trancell, Menglembu in year 2009. Finally being recognised among the best honey chicken specialist in town year 2018.

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In this Wonderful Honey Chicken, the owners Phoo sisters’ very first top recommended in menus surely will be their “Signature Honey Chicken” which most wanted by the locals all the while. Chicken whole leg or chicken wings commonly prepared in-house on about 2 hours marinated with their 6 ingredients mixture recipe, then deep-fried for about 10 minutes to cooked, finally served poured onto / coated with their homemade honey mixture sauce brings excellent fair honey sweet taste and juicy meat’s bites texture into mouth you must try when reached Menglembu, Perak.

Secondly will be their newly introduced “Deep Fried Crispy Salted Chicken”, which among their daily top seller favourite by the visitors that brought into the market currently in year 2018 by the Phoo sisters. Selected chicken whole leg marinated at least half an hour on their secret recipe of 4 spices mixture, followed by about 10 minutes deep-fried then served sided with in-house special chilli sauce brings unbelievable crispy bites and appertising salty spicy taste into mouth that you will never regret after tasted here.

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Another will be their “Crispy Shrimp Cracker” or known locally as Deep Fried Prawn Biscuit, which neither found better elsewhere in town. The most interesting different from others will be their ’15 pieces of sea shrimp per cracker’ which you cannot aside here. Home recipe’s flour-made paste deep fried for only few munites into round of shape topped onto fresh selected shrimps (small prawns), then taken tipping onto their special chilli sauce provided will be the best you should like it.

Nonethelesss, the owners also taken this opportunity to introduce their other signature options of “Deep Fried Taiwanese Sausage”, “Black Pepper & Cheese Sausage”, “Lobak”, “Deep Fried Fish Balls”, “Potato Fries”, “Paper Wrapped Chicken”, “Crispy Chicken Skins” and their most history “Wonderful Famous Deep Fried Chicken” you too really cannot missed when stepped towards this best recognised “Wonderful Honey Chicken (Since 1986)” at Menglembu, Perak.


 Wonderful Honey Chicken (Menglembu) 

Address: No. 19,

Jalan Trancell,

(Glutton Street),

31450 Menglembu,


Business Hours: 4:00pm to 11:00pm (Daily)



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