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“Paper Wrapped Chicken” is a kind of local chinese’s traditional eatery which been practised since years ago presented on respective recipes in different district areas on our nation. Here in Sitiawan, Perak we finally found and for the first time being successfully recognised among the best Paper Wrapped Chicken specialist “Cheng Poh” in the middle of the town, since 10 years ago by the young couple.

Both the Sitiawan, Perak local originated Mr. Ong Shoei Chai (born 1984), together with his wife Ms. Siew Jie Teng (born 1993) both were the initial founders and recent owners of this first local’s best recommended chinese cuisine restaurant at Tamn Lekir Baru, Sitiawan introducing their famous Paper Wrapped Chicken and other signature menus to the locals & visitors now in better manner. Also being recognised the best among others for the very first time in year 2018.

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The founder cum Main Chef of the restaurant Ong Shoei Chai or commonly known Ah Dee, who at his age of only 34 years old currently, all the while having great interest in eatery & chefing and been grown-up in a f&b family since kids helping mother in their chinese & western cuisines restaurant in 1990s made Ah Dee decided to fully stepped into the field at his 13th of age began as kitchen trainee. Later-on been reached Johor Bahru continue his exposure in the career and stayed about 10 years there where he sharpen his skills allowed him to be positioned as a Chinese Cuisine Chef.

In order to further his expose in the career, also holding vision to have his very own eating house and foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry. Added on his experiences in the field allowed Ah Dee in year 2006 (at his 22nd of age) returned to hometown Sitiawan started his very first partnership restaurant “Ferng Wei” running for about 5 years, where his wife Jie Teng began to assist and stepped into the industry. Then in year 2011 successfully established their couple very own eating house officially named “Restoran Cheng Poh” at Taman Maju, later-on moved into better environment in year 2018 at Taman Lekir, Sitiawan continue presenting all their signatures to the market.

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In this Cheng Poh chinese restaurant, the founder cum Chef Ah Dee’s very first top recommended in menus surely will be among their local delicacy eatery “Paper Wrapped Chicken” which most wanted by the visitors. Local feeded chicken selected, marinated overnight with their 10 recipes mixture in-house, flour-up followed by deep fried, then wok-fried on their home sauce into slight black vinegar, and finally served topped onto sesame seeds wrapped in aluminium paper brings wonderful delicacy eatery you must try when reached Sitiawan, Perak. Especially the sweet & sour taste and chicken meat’s bites texture into mouth neither found better in town.

Secondly will be their restaurant’s “Signature Crispy Beancurd” or Tau Fu, which among the local’s favourite here. Homemade beancurd from mixtures of fresh soya milk and chicken egg, steamed 10 minutes then deep fried in square-pillow-shape, finally served topped onto crispy deep fried ikan bilis, chopped spring onions and poured onto their home mixed soy sauce brings excellent beancurd’s (tau fu) crispy bites and inner smoothness swallowed into mouth that you cannot aside.

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Another will be their most famous in vegetables corner the “4-Veges King”, which also among the restaurant’s daily top seller almost to be seen on every single table here. The mixtures of eggplants, lady fingers, petai and winged beans wok-fried with their homemade sambal paste (made from more than 10 spices), mixed into onions shredded and finally taken sided with lime to bring unbelievable sweet, sour & exotic fair spicy appertising eatery you will never regret after tasted here.

Nonetheless, the owners also take the opportunity to introduce their very home recipe on “Claypot Curry Stingray” which likes by those who take spicy. Homemade curry paste prepared in-house, boiled into curry soup broth mixed with lady fingers, eggplants, long beans and fresh stingray fish fillets, poured into slight evaporated milk (carnation milk) brings smooth and amazing curry tasty into mouth that you really cannot missed when stepped into this best recognised “Restoran Cheng Poh” chinese cuisine eating house at Sitiawan, Perak.



Address: No. 24,

Jalan Raja Omar,

Taman Lekir Baru,

32000 Sitiawan,


Business Hours: 5:00pm to 10:00pm (Daily)




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