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“Premium Chinese Restaurant” or locals commonly known ‘Zhong Shi Jiu Lou’ (Mandarin) is those chinese’s eating place which serves daily meals and also practised occasionals & special functions began since decades, nowadays being totally well presentable respectively and today still the local’s first choice on their celebrations. Here in the northern, we found and being successfully recognised among the Sitiawan’s leading first best recommended Chinese Premium Restaurant “Lido” carried by the Tiang family into 2-generations since year 1979 in Perak.

The Perak local originated, Mr. Tiang Chiong Guong (born 1939) together with his lovely wife late Madam Lee Nam King (1942-2013) were the initial founders. Then recently the 2nd generation, son Mr. Tiang Lee Lek (born 1968) with wife Ms. Lan Yu Lee (born 1970) both are the current immediate owners of this best recognised Chinese Premium eating place “Lido Seafood Restaurant” at Sitiawan, Perak continue presenting all their home recipe eateries menu & function package to the public in better manner under a roof / hall.

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Founder couple Tiang Chiong Guong and Lee Nam King, whose initially touched the f&b industry in year 1975 when running a food canteen in Singapore. Later-on returned to home ground Sitiawan township fully stepped into the career began their very first & owned chinese coffee house (Kopitiam) named “Lido” in year 1979 serving not only  chinese traditional breakfast but also economic-mixed rice in the afternoon stayed 16 years there reached year 1995.

While the current owner cum restaurant’s Main Chef Tiang Lee Lek, the 2nd generation, since kids been helping parents in their eating house began stepped into the field at his 18th of age started from kitchen trainee and be positioned as a Chef after few years. Also being took up the responsibility to further expose his family’s career moved and expanded their coffee house (Kopitiam) into double storey shoplot chinese cuisine restaurant “Lido Seafood Restaurant” in year 1995, where they began to do indoor accasions and functions. Finally in year 2016 became the best & running the most presentable newly 4-storeys function hall (Lido Hall) to suit up to 100 tables at a time along Jalan Mohammad, Sitiawan town.

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In this Lido chinese cuisine restaurant, the owner cum Main Chef Lee Lek’s very first top recommended in menus will be their home recipe “Song Lok Go Rou” in Fook Chew or locally known the Fish Maw Soup Broth most wanted by the regulars. Soup base boiled few hours with pork & chicken bones in-house, cooked mixed into selected quality fish maws, celery veges, black fungus, carrots & chicken egg, then served with poured onto slight white rice vinegar will brings wonderful Fook Chew style of Fish Maw Broth soup on delicious sweet, sour & fair appertising spicy taste swallowed into mouth that you must try when reached Sitiawan, Perak.

Secondly will be their local’s Fook Chew famous delicacy eatery “Ang Jiu Mian Xiang” or known Red Wine Mian Xian, which also among the restaurant’s daily top seller all the while. Using their homemade red wine stir-fried with matured ginger, kampung chicken & sesame oil, then boil-cooked for another 45 minutes into soup base, finally served together with boil-cooked local-made fine noodles (Mian Xian) brings a complete bowl of their excellent local’s Fook Chew Authentic Red Wine Mian Xian which you will never regret after tasted here. Especially the exotic red wine soup taste into mouth that neither found the same in town.

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Another will be among their signature in meats corner, the “Ang Zhao Dv Qiu” in Fook Chew or named locally the Red Dates Braised Pork Trotter. Local fresh pig’s trotter selected & cleaned, then boiled about 2&half hours with their in-house red dates paste (remainings from homemade red wine), sugar, ginger and sesame oil, then finally served with poured onto their home recipe gravy sauce broth brings exotic red wine, ginger & red dates tastes. Also the trotter’s meat bites texture and the natural pork collagen brought out from the long hours braised that you cannot aside here.

Nonetheless, the owners also strongly recommend their king of the local Fook Chew’s vegetables mix which on recipes from their founder (Mother), favourite by the visitors recently. Mixtures of black fungus, onions, dried beancurd sheets, carrots, cuttlefish, pork slices, glass noodles & celery/peking cabbage wok-fried for few minutes will brings unbelievable amazing freshness & wok taste you really cannot missed when stepped into this best recognised leading top Premium Chinese Eating Place “Lido Seafood Restaurant” at Sitiawan, Perak.

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Address: No. 21, 23 & 25,

Jalan Mohammad,

32000 Sitiawan,



Business Hours: 11:00am to 3:00pm

5:00pm to 10:00pm (Daily)


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