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“Winter Melon Steamboat” is a kind of steamboat cuisine which being famously practised on our nation since early 21st century, nowadays can be found widely favourite by not only the locals but also the visitors when reached Malaysia. Here in Negeri Sembilan, we found and successfully recognised the first leading best recommended Winter Melon Steamboat Cuisine specialist carried by “LSK Family Trading” at Seremban that having great positive response from the market recently.

The Kuala Lumpur originated Mr. Jacky Liew San Kit (born 1982), together with his wife Ms. Ly Thi My Anh (born 1985) both were the initial founders and current immediate owners of this best recognised “Restoran Winter Melon Steamboat” eating house in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan introducing their very amazing home recipe winter melon steamboat cuisine and other signature selections in menu to the locals and visitors under a roof in manner. Also being recognised among the best in year 2018 by the F&B E-media.

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The founder Jacky Liew, who at his age of only 36 years old currently, was formerly an Automotive Mechanical Personnel. All the while having great interest in eatery, also foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry and added with his wife Anh’s experiences in the field (who previously running a Vietnamese Cuisine in Seremban) allowed them in couple fully stepped into the f&b career early year 2018 successfully established their very first & owned restaurant with serving the market’s famous Winter Melon Steamboat on registered “LSK Family Trading” at Kemayan Square, Seremban. Which also the local’s first Winter Melon Steamboat Cuisine eating house in town.

In this Restoran Winter Melon Steamboat, the couple’s (owners) very first top recommended in menus surely will be their “Famous Winter Melon Pot” which most wanted by the visitors. Local fresh winter melon commonly on about 7kg weight & above selected, prepared in home soup base which boiled at least half a day with 12 chinese herbals mixture, winter melon cubes, ginger slices and spring onions. Finally served boiling in metal pot will brings wonderful winter melon freshness & obvious delicious herbal taste soup broth that you must try when reached Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

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In order to complete the Winter Melon Steamboat, the owners also prepared all their steamboat side choices of at least 100 options on customer’s request in categories of seafoods (crab, prawn, squid, mussels etc), fresh meats slices (pork, beef & chicken), mushrooms, noodles option, vegetables and frozen steamboat choices. The Winter Melon Steamboat serves in 2-pax per pot matching with their sided steamboat choices will be the perfect steamboat eatery here you will never regret after tasted, neither found better elsewhere in town. Especially taken tipping onto their in-house homemade “Chilli Paste” which brings tasty-spicy into mouth that cannot missed by all their customers.

Other than their famous winter melon steamboat, the owners also introduced their best in cooked-food menu, the “Home Deep Fried Fish Cake” which also among the restaurant’s daily top seller recently. Local fresh Mackerel Fish (Gao Yu) selected, homemade fish cake into square in shape, then served after deep fried will brings excellent fish freshness taste and meat’s bite texture into mouth that you really cannot aside.

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Moreover, their “Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Roll” also the regular customer’s favourite all the while in side order corner. Hand-wrapped with imported flour-wrapper insided with mixtures of belly pork slices, prawns, green beans & yam cubes, then followed by about 5 minutes deep fried. Finally taken tipping onto their home recipe sweet & sour sauce sided will be the perfect match you should like it.

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Nonetheless, after your meal in this first leading best recommended Winter Melon Steamboat Cuisine eating house. The couple (owners) also taken the opportunity to strongly introduce their very signature & special Vietnamese dessert option named “Plan” (in Vietnamese), which homemade from the mixtures of chicken egg, fresh milk and sweet milk, served in cold and taken poured onto their special Vietnam’s coffee that you really cannot missed when stepped into this “Restoran Winter Melon Steamboat” (LSK Family Trading) restaurant at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.




Address: No. 52-G,

Jalan Toman 4,

Kemayan Square,


70200 Seremban,

Negeri Sembilan.


Business Hours: 4:00pm to 4:00am (Daily)


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