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“Pasta” or local famously known as Italian Noodles / Spaghetti, is a kind of western cuisine which carrying the meaning of “Italy’s gift to the world” that believed was originated from Italy since decades, also among the country (Italy) local’s traditional & favourite eatery taken. Been nowadays practised widely in other Asian countries, as well as in our nation as a dish that suit adults & children presented by restaurants on respective recipes. Here in Johor Bahru, we found and being successfully recognised among the best recommended Pasta specialist “Mr. Pasta” leading by their owner cum Chef Choong, since year 2000.

The local Johorean Mr. Choong Kui Nyen (born 1972), was the initial founder, together with his wife Ms. Chia Yean Fong (Kedah, born 1983) both are the recent immediate owners of this best recommended Pasta & Western Cuisine eating place “Mr. Pasta Restaurant” in the state of Johor serving all their home recipe pasta selections and other signature western cuisine menus to the locals & visitors all under a roof. Having great positive response from the market recently.

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The founder cum owner Choong Kui Nyen (Chef Choong), who at his age of 47 years old currently, been initially touched the f&b industry since his 18th of age recruited himself into a culinary academy in Singapore spent 2 years to graduate. Then fully stepped into the field practically began as an assistant chef all the while in western cuisine line stayed nearly 10 years in the career to sharpen his profession. Later-on returned to hometown Johor Bahru started his very first and own western cuisine restaurant named “Master Chef” at Taman Daya in year 2000 at his age of 28th. Where he continued his exposure in the industry.

With Chef Choong’s vision to provide his customers better environment, in order to suit the market demands in better manner and his experiences hold on hand in the career. Added with the market opportunity in the f&b industry locally made him decieded and successfully shift his western cuisine eating house into Pasta specialised restaurant officially named the “Mr. Pasta Restaurant” in year 2018 on the same ground, enables his visitors to DIY (do it yourself) their Italian Noodles (Pasta) option on various selections available in-house, and serving their buffet corner (with soup, pastry, beverage, dessert etc) whose come with a main course. Finally being recognised among the best in town by the F&B E-Media for the year 2019 in the southern nation.

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In this Mr. Pasta western cuisine restaurant, the founder Chef Choong very first top recommended in menus will be their famous “Spaghetti Alio-Olio” which most wanted by their regular customers among Pasta selections. Imported Italian noodles (spaghetti) commonly selected, boil-cooked then served mixed with olive oil, basil leaf in spice, garlic & chilli padi and sided with options such as sliced chicken, smooked chicken, seafoods or salmon fish will be on customer’s preference that you must have a try when reached Johor Bahru. Especially the spaghetti bites texture itself into mouth that you cannot aside here.

Secondly will be their Chef’s all time favourite recommended “Fusilli with Tomato Sauce” which also among the restaurant’s daily top seller in Pasta menu like by the locals. Fusilli (Italian pasta/noodle) boil-cooked, mixed with their home prepared 2 hours boiled tomato sauce broth from mixtures of onions, red carrots & tomatoes, finally served topped onto options such chicken, seafood or salmon (on customer’s request) will brings wonderful sweet & sour taste of pasta eatery that suit either adults or children that you neither found the same nor better elsewhere in town.

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Another will be their “Signature Chicken Chop”, which among the best recommended in main course menu favourite by their regulars. Chicken drumstick prepared in boneless, pan-grilled few minutes topped with fine salt & pepper then followed by another 6 to 7 minutes baked, and finally served poured onto either their homemade mushroom or black pepper sauce gravy (in options), sided with potato wedges, vege salad & broccoli will be a complete set of their delicious Chicken Chop that you will never regret after tasted here in Mr. Pasta restaurant.

Nonetheless, the owners also introduced their special “Grilled Salmon Set”, which different from the others in town. Norway imported salmon meats commonly selected, grilled in-house for few minutes to cooked onto with fine salt & pepper, served poured onto their home recipe home sauce (mixtures of lemon & cream sauce) sided with vege salad, potato wedges, broccoli & sometimes boiled mushroom will brings excellent salmon’s freshness taste itself that you really cannot missed when stepped into this best recognised Pasta specialised eating house “Mr. Pasta Restaurant” at Taman Daya, Johor Bahru.



Address: No. 68,

Jalan Sagu 8,

Taman Daya,

81100 Johor Bahru,


Business Hours: 12:00pm to 10:00pm (Daily)

(Closed on Tuesday)



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