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“Coffee House” in chinese famously known Kopitiam or western Cafeteria, is a kind of coffee shop environment serving authentic coffees and beverages which on respective cuisines & recipes that been practised since decade on our nation, and nowadays can be easily found everywhere presenting their signatures to the market. Here in the southern nation, we found and being successfully recognised the best recommended newly established conceptual chinese coffee house “Casual Coffee” running in manner at Kulai (Johor), since year 2018.

The local Johorean Mr. Ken Chan Soon Ket (born 1983), together with his wife Ms. Ee Sook Yee (Pahang, born 1985) both were the initial founders and also the immediate owners of this best recommended conceptual Chinese Coffee House “Casual Coffee” in Johor serving their very authentic Chinese Traditional Breakfast Set and Coffees or Teas selection, sided with other signature menus to the locals and visitors in better environment. Also fully assisted by elder brother Mr. Yong Kim Heng (born 1974), the coffee house’s main chef running on the same ground here.

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The founder cum owner Ken Chan, who at his age of 36 years old currently, all the while having great interest in eatery (especially chinese coffee beverages), initially been stepped into the f&b industry at his age of 20th worked as barista (coffee maker) trainee/helper in a kopitiam at hometown Johor in year 2003 where he touched the field for about 2 years before reached Singapore and stayed in the Engeneering Industry for more than 10 years there.

With the couple’s (Ken Chan & Sook Yee) vision to have their very own coffee house or kopitiam, added with the experiences hold by Ken Chan and foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry locally. Also wishing to bring better environment & concept of traditional kopitiam into the recent market allowed them in year 2018 bodied-up with their elder brother Kim Heng, who having more than 30 years experiences in the career (is a Baker & also Chinese Cuisine Chef), then successfully established their very first and owned Chinese Coffee House officially named “Casual Coffee” at Bandar Indahpura, Kulai (Johor) introducing their home recipe selections on foods & beverages into the local market under a roof. Finally being recognised among the best Chinese Coffee House in town by the F&B E-Media for the year 2019 in the southern nation.

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In this Casual Coffee restaurant, the owners’ very best recommended in beverages menu will be their “Chinese Traditional Black Coffee” which served mixed with fresh milk and carnation milk that you need to have a try. Also the local’s most wanted “Kopi Ais” which brings authentic taste of iced coffee that you cannot aside here. Somemore their founder Ken’s very own recipe on “Lemon Kopi Soda” which prepared with the mixtures of black coffee, lemon & soda drink, served in appertising cold that you will neither found elsewhere in town currently (only in Casual Coffee).

While in their breakfast menu, the owners’ very first top recommended in selections surely will be their signature “Casual Coffee Breakfast Set” which served in chinese cuisine favourite by their regular customers. Combination of Toast Breads (with butter & kaya in options), taken sided with a set of 2 half-boiled chicken egg and completed with choices of a cup of coffee or tea will brings wonderful set of authentic traditional Chinese Breakfast Set that you will never regret after tasted here.

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Another will be their chef’s all time favourite recommended in main course menu, their famous “Ham Fried Rice” which like by their visitors recently. Imported chicken ham prepared in cutted slices, wok-fried few minutes with boiled white rice mixed into chicken egg on home recipes will brings excellent wok-taste of eatery that you neither found the same nor better in town.

Nonetheless, the owners’ also take this opportunity to introduce their coffee house’s daily top seller set meal “Black Pepper Chicken Rice” which wanted by the locals all the while. Chicken drumstick commonly selected, prepared in boneless and marinated overnight on recipes, then deep fried followed by seconds stired with their black pepper sauce paste, finally served sided with hot boiled white rice & salad will brings exotic taste of eatery that you really cannot missed when stepped into this newly best recognised Chinese Coffee House “Casual Coffee” at Kulai, Johor.



Address: No. 126,

Jalan Kenanga 29/6,

Bandar Indahpura,

81000 Kulai,


Business Hours: 7:45am to 5:30pm (Daily)

(Closed on Alternate Monday)



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