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“Kopitiam” commonly known in Malaysia and Singapore, is a kind of traditional chinese coffee shop which serving their authentic coffee, tea, bread & boiled chicken egg etc which been practised since decade ago started mostly by those Hainanese (China) migrants. Nowadays still running in the market everywhere on respective recipes & environtment. Here in the state of Johor, we found and being successfully recognised the best recommended 70 years (3-generations) Kopitiam “Fang Yuan” carried by the Han family, since year 1948.

The local Johorean Mr. Han Jun Kwang (Batu Pahat, born 1989), together with his wife Ms. Tan Kai Qian (born 1990) both are the recent owners of this best recommended chinese coffee shop “Fang Yuan Kopitiam” in Johor Bahru and Kulai, taking up the responsibility as the 3rd generation all the while presenting their nearly 70 years family’s home recipes to the locals and visitors in better manner recently. Also having great positive response from the market today.

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The founder late Mr. Han Cun Feng (1911-1979), Jun Kwang’s grandfather who was a migrant from Hainan, China reached Malaysia and began his very simple hainanese kopitiam “Kedai Kopi Pang Wah” along the Rengit township (Batu Pahat) in year 1948 serving his homemade breads, coffees, local nasi lemak etc. Then later-on been continued by son Mr. Han Yang Juan (born 1951), Jun Kwang’s father also the 2nd generation running the family’s career since 1980s, also being fully assisted by wife Madam Sia Sok Hwa (born 1953). Still on-going recently carrying by their 3rd generation, elder daughter Ms. Han Yan Ling (born 1975) in hometown Rengit, Johor.

With Jun Kwang’s vision to further expose his family’s recipes & career in the industry, added with grandfather’s recipes on hand and foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b field locally. Also with his great interest in eatery allowed Jun Kwang (and wife Kai Qian) in year 2012 successfully established their very first and owned conceptual chinese coffee house officially named “Fang Yuan Kopitiam” at Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru introducing all his family’s authentic menus to the locals in better environment under a roof. Then another outlet at Taman Mount Austin in year 2016, and the 3rd at Bandar Indahpura, Kulai (Johor) in year 2018. Finally being recognised among the best kopitiam in town by the F&B E-Media for the year 2019 in the southern nation.

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In this Fang Yuan Kopitiam, the owner’s very first recommended in their beverages corner will be their Han family’s 3-generations home recipes on “Hainanese Coffee” brewed from their home-fried coffee powder which most wanted by their regular customers to be served either in hot or cold on customer’s preference that you must have a try when reached the state of Johor. Taken sided with a set of their “Hainanese Homemade Breads” will be the perfect matching in a complete set of hainanese (chinese) breakfast set which breads either to be served in toasted or steamed (on customer’s request) mixed with butter & their homemade kaya (coconut paste) will brings wonderful authentic/traditional coffee and bread combination eatery that neither found the same elsewhere in town.

Secondly will be their famous “Nasi Lemak”, which among the kopitiam’s daily top seller in food menus favourite by locals. Home-cooked rice with coconut milk (santan), served sided with their homemade sambal paste, cucumber slices, crispy ikan bilis, peanuts and deep fried chicken fillets (made from home marinated chicken drumstick prepared in fillet pieces) will be an excellent set of their nasi lemak that you cannot aside here.

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Another will be their famous “Mee Siam”, which also among the favourite choice in breakfast menu. Fine rice noodles (mee hoon) home-cooked mixed with their homemade sambal paste & dried shrimps, then served sided with a piece of Muar’s Otak-otak, cucumber slices, sambal and topped with fried chicken egg shredded will brings exotic tasty mee siam eatery that you will never regret after tasted here.

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Moreover, their signature “Assam Fried Mee” which yellow round noodles commonly selected, wok-fried mixed with their home recipe assam paste, chicken egg, prawn, squid, fish cake and veges will brings delicious sour & fair tasty spice eatery into mouth that you will like it. Also their special newly introduced “Fried Mee Hoon” which fried with homemade soy sauce mixtures mixed into chicken egg, seafoods & veges that brings another tasteful noodles selection that only in Fang Yuan Kopitiam.


For those who like rendang chicken should have a try on their Fang Yuan’s home recipe “Rendang Chicken Rice” which brings nice fair spicy and sweet taste made from owner Jun Kwang’s mother home recipes cooked at least 2 hours (chicken drumstick on spices mixture), served sided with hot boiled white rice, fresh cucumber slices and a fried sunny-sided chicken egg that you really cannot missed when stepped into this best recognised Chinese Coffee Shop “Fang Yuan Kopitiam” in the state of Johor.



Address: (Permas Jaya)

No. 14,

Jalan Permas 9/2,

Permas Jaya,

81750 Masai,


(Austin Height)

No. 8,

Jalan Austin Height 8/6,

Taman Mount Austin,

81100 Johor Bahru,




No. 110,

Jalan Kenanga 29/6,

Taman Indahpura,

81000 Kulai,


Business Hours: 8:00am to 5:30pm (Daily)

(Closed on Thursday)


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