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“Chinese Seafood Restaurant” is a kind of local’s chinese & seafood cuisine eating house which famously and widely practised everywhere on our nation, also all the while among the visitors most wanted selection when reached Malaysia. Here in the state of Johor, we found and being successfully recognised the best Chinese Seafood Restaurant “Meei Shih” running by the Chen brothers in Kulai, since year 1996. Having great positive response from the market recently.

The local Johorean Mr. Chen Woon Kee (born 1971), together with his younger brother Mr. Chen Woon Choong (born 1975) both were the initial founders. Fully assisted by their wives Ms. Leyu Swee Ngoh (Woon Kee’s wife) and Ms. Chan Wah Ley (Woon Choong’s wife) all are the recent immediate owners of this best recommended Chinese Seafood Cuisine “Meei Shih Seafood Restaurant” along Jalan Anggerik, Kulai serving all their home recipe seafood options and other signature menus to the locals & visitors all under a roof for more than 20 years in town. Recently also being assisted by their 2nd generation, Woon Kee’s sons Chen Shy Yuan and Chen Shy Jie on ground.

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The founder cum owner, elder brother Chen Woon Kee, who at his age of 48 years old currently was initially stepped into the f&b industry at his 16th of age in year 1986 began as a kitchen trainee touched the chinese cuisine field in Singapore. Then been reached Kuala Lumpur, Muar etc to sharpen his profession in the career and been positioned as a Chef at his about 20th of age. Later-on running his very first owned restaurant in hometown Kulai, Johor named “JB Seafood Restaurant” in year 1989, then another in Kluang (Johor) named “Palm Seafood Restaurant” serving on Halal menus in year 1992.

While Chen Woon Choong, who also been stepped into the f&b industry since his teenage of 15th in Singapore touched the chinese cuisine field too began as a kitchen trainee, then been positioned as a Chef at his 20th of age. Later-on helping brother Woon Kee in their restaurant at Kluang, Johor. In order to expose further, added with the brothers’ experiences on hand and foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry locally enabled the Chen brothers (Woon Kee & Woon Choong) in year 1996 successfully established their very brothers owned Chinese Seafood Cuisine eating house officially named “Meei Shih Seafood Restaurant” at Taman Namtak, Kulai. Then moved into better manner in Taman Kulai Utama, Johor in year 2003 running to date.

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In this Meei Shih Seafood Restaurant, the owners’ very first top recommended in menus surely will be their very famous “Black Pepper Crab” which most wanted by all their visitors from the beginning. Indonesia quality meat crabs on weight of about 800grams to 1kg commonly selected, steam-cooked in 7 minutes, then wok-fried with black pepper added into planta (butter) with vege oil and slight rice wine will brings excellent and interesting dry black pepper crabs that you will neither found better elsewhere in town. Especially the crab’s meats texture in bites and the exotic pepper tasty spice into mouth that you must have a try when reached Kulai, Johor.

Secondly will be their signature “Thai Style Steamed Squids”, which also among the restaurant’s daily top seller favourite by the locals. Fresh sea squids selected, steamed 5 minutes mixed with their home prepared soup base into lime, chilli padi, fish sauce and lady finger in home recipes, and finally served boiling on metal pot & topped with celery shredded will brings wonderful appertising sour and nice spicy taste of eatery that you will never regret after tasted here.

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Another will be their very in-house home recipe of “Special Steamed Fish”, which only in Meei Shih Seafood Restaurant in town. Fresh fish options on customer’s preference (commonly Sea Grouper Fish selected), steamed with soy sauce in about 6 to 7 minutes then finally served poured onto their homemade sauce paste (home-fried from mixtures of ginger paste, garlic paste, celery & oyster sauce) will brings unbelievable different taste of steamed fish recipes found in town that you cannot aside here. Especially the fish’s freshness and meat’s bites texture itself into mouth.

Moreover, the owners Chen brothers also taken this opportunity to introduce their “Soup Base Cheese Lobster” which like by the locals & visitors. Fresh sea lobsters on weight of about 400-500grams commonly selected, sliced into 2-half then cooked with planta (butter) into home soup base and stewed for about 5 minutes, added into chinese herbals (gei zhi & tang gui), and finally served topped onto cheese will brings best tasteful herbal & lobster’s freshness and lobster meat’s bites texturing eatery that you really cannot missed when stepped towards this best recognised Chinese Seafood Cuisine eating place “Meei Shih Seafood Restaurant” at Kulai, Johor.

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Address. No. 69,

Jalan Anggerik 3,

Taman Kulai Utama,

81000 Kulai,


Business Hours: 4:30pm to 1:00am (Daily)

(Closed on Alternate Tuesday)



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