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“Winter Melon Steamboat”, that being famously practised and recently among the locals favourite selection is a kind of steamboat cuisine which brought into the market since early 20th century, believed that also a kind of healthy steamboat eatery found on our nation that presented by the carrier on respective recipes. Here in the state of Johor, we found and being successfully recognised the best & first “Winter Melon Steamboat” restaurant in Skudai, Johor carrying into the southern market to serve the locals better.

The local Johorean Ms. Jasmine Ong (born 1989), was the initial founder and also the immediate owner of this best recommended amazing healthy steamboat cuisine restaurant “Winter Melon Steamboat” in Johor Bahru town introducing their signature winter melon steamboat eateries and other home recipe menus to the locals & visitors under a roof, since year 2018. Also all the while from the beginning being fully assisted by Mr. Anson Ting Jia Junn (Johorean, born 1996). Having great positive response from the market recently.

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The founder cum owner Jasmine Ong, who at her age of only 30 years old currently, is all the while in On-Line Trading Industry, having great interest in eatery & culinary. Also since her twenties with vision to have her very own cafeteria/restaurant locally and foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry, added with the wonderful idea given by husband and encouragements & supports from family enabled Jasmine in year 2018 decided and successfully established her first eating place “Winter Melon Steamboat” restaurant at Taman Sutera, Skudai (JB) serving all her home recipe menus selection to the market. Finally being recognised among the best in town by the F&B E-Media for the year 2019 in the southern nation.

In this Winter Melon Steamboat House, the founder’s very first top recommended in menus surely will be their very famous “Winter Melon Pot” which most wanted by their visitors recently. Local fresh winter melon on size/weight of about 3kg commonly selected, served a melon in 1 pot basis with their overnight boiled soup base from mixtures of pork bones & chinese herbals (with red dates & gei zhi) will be the best recommended & healthy steamboat cuisine selection that you need to try when reached Johor Bahru. Not only the exotic soup freshness swallowed, but also the winter melon’s taste & meat bites texture itself after long boiled in their soup base that you cannot aside.

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Other than Winter Melon Pot, you can also try their signature “Herbal Soup Base” which prepared overnight boiled from 18 chinese herbals mixture. Also the “Japanese Seaweed Soup Base” boiled long hours and “Mala Soup Base” (Hot Spicy) which prepared on order from their in-house spicy paste mixtures, all served with no MSG and no preservative added that you neither found the same nor better elsewhere in town. Especially the soup taste into mouth and healthy ingredients commonly consumed here in Winter Melon Steamboat restaurant to serve their customers in manner.

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In order to complete either their Winter Melon Pot or other steamboat soup base cuisines, there are nearly 100 sided option of eateries choices all served in daily fresh in-house on customer’s preference in categories of Meats (fresh pork, mutton & beef slices and marinated chicken meats), Seafoods (prawn, scallop, clams, squid, fish slice etc), Steamboat Options, Veges, Mushrooms and imported Noodles that you will never regret after tasted here.

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After meals, their special homemade dessert such “Osmanthus Cake” (homemade from mixtures of winter melon & chrysanthemum with organic brown sugar added) will be the best that neither found elsewhere in town, which brings appertising & smooth chrysanthemum sweet taste into mouth. Taken with honey poured onto will be the best way to have it in-house. Also their home-marinated winter melon meat cubes on home recipes that always wanted by their regular customers here.

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While in beverage corner, the founder cum owner Jasmine Ong also taken this opportunity to introduce their very healthy nearly 5 hours home-cooked “Winter Melon Drinks” and 6 hours prepared “Honey Lemon Winter Melon Drink” which brings unbelievable freshness beverages and healthy drinks option that you really cannot missed when stepped towards this best recognised “Winter Melon Steamboat” restaurant at Skudai, Johor.



Address: FS-07/08,Fruit Stall No 1

Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4,

Taman Sutera utama,

81300 Skudai,


Business Hours: 3:00pm to 3:00am (Daily)



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