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“Salted Steamed Chicken” is all the while among our nation’s local Chinese generations eatery which been practised and favourite by the locals & visitors since early 18th century, as a delicacy eatery selection especially in Malaysia that presented by carriers on respective recipes. Here in the middle southern nation, we found and being successfully recognised among the best recommended Salted Steamed Chicken specialist “San Jei Mei” eating housein the historical city of Malacca. Having great positive response from the market recently.

The Malacca local originated Mr. Kelvin Kong Hup Kong (born 1974), was the initial founder, together with his wife Ms. Tai YikYoun (born 1975) both are the recent immediate couple owners of this best recommended Chinese Cuisine eating house “Restoran San Jei Mei” along the Cheng region in Malacca serving their famous Salted Steamed Chicken and other signature home recipe menus to the locals & visitors all under a roof in an environmental condition of eating place locally.

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The founder cum owner Kelvin Kong Hup Kong, who at his age of 45 years old currently, been initially stepped into the f&b industry since his 15th of age in year 1989 began as a kitchen trainee in Klang, Selangor touched the Roasted Mix/Chicken Rice field. Later-on been reached Singapore at his 17th of age fully stepped into the Chinese Cuisine stayed more than 10 years there to experience and expose in the career, being positioned as a Chef at his 22 years old.

With vision to have his very own eating house locally, added with the experiences & recipes on-hand and foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry. Also wishing to further his exposure in the career enabled Kelvin Kong (together with wife YikYoun) after the millenium year started their very first owned chinese seafood cuisine eating house in Klang (Selangor) named “San Jei Mei”. Then in year 2015 returned to hometown Malacca and  successfully established their “Restoran San Jei Mei” at Taman Paya Rumput Utama introducing their very homemade recipe selections to the locals. Finally being recognised among the best in town by the F&B E-Media for the year 2019 in the middle southern nation.

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In this Restoran San Jei Mei, the owners’ very first top recommended in menus surely will be their famous homemade “Salted Steamed Chicken” which most wanted by their regulars. Local feeded fresh free-range-chicken on weight of about 1.5-2kg commonly selected, cleaned & marinated few hours with salts, ginger paste and herbals, then wrapped in-house in aluminium wrapper followed by 45 minutes steamed into cooked, and finally served after another 5 minutes roasted will brings wonderful tasty salted chicken, chicken stocks freshness itself & the juicy meat’s bites texture into mouth that you must have a try when reached Malacca.

Secondly will be their “Signature Fried Black Fungus with Chicken Egg”, which also among the Malacca’s local signature favourite by the locals. Black fungus fried with chicken egg in mixtures of their homemade sambal paste, celery leaf shredded & garlic, then served sizzling on flaming hot plate will brings unbelievable exotic wok-taste into mouth that you will neither found the same nor better elsewhere in town.

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Another will be their special “Teochew Fish Pot”, which also among the restaurant’s daily top seller like by the visitors from the beginning. Home soup base prepared in half a day (mixtures of pork bones & herbals), then served boiling in charcoal roasted metal pot mixed into fish head/fish fillet (on customer’s preference & market availability), water beancurds, seaweeds, needle mushrooms, yams, tomatoes & veges will brings the best freshness tasty pot of their Teochew Fish Head Pot selection that you will never regret after tasted here.

Nonetheless, the owners also introduced their very well known “Salted Egg Prawn” which wanted by all locals & visitors recently. Fresh huge Sea Ming Prawns commonly selected, prepared in seconds-fried over hot boiling cooking oil then followed by wok-stired mixed into their homemade salted egg yolk paste in recipes, curry leaves & chilli padi will brings excellent tasty salted egg yolk with fair spice and the prawn’s freshness & crispy bites texture into mouth that you really cannot missed when stepped into this best recognised Chinese Cuisine eating house “Restoran San Jei Mei” in the state of Malacca.



Address: No. 16, 16-1 & 14-12,

Jalan Inang 4,

Taman Paya Rumput Utama,

76100 Melaka,



Business Hours: 11:00am to 2:30pm

5:30pm to 10:30pm (Daily)

(Closed on Tuesday)


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