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“Chinese Steamed Bun” or commonly known Pao locally, is a kind of Chinese traditional pastry eatery which been practised since thousand of years ago that prepared in various insided recipes and served in hot steamed, presented by lots of carriers today on our nation with respective recipes. Here in the middle southern, we found and being successfully recognised among the best Chinese Steamed Bun or Pao specialist in the “Triple Lucky 6” eating house running by the 3 Poon brothers in the state of Malacca. Having great positive response from the market recently.

All the Malacca local originated brothers Mr. Poon Liang Yew (born 1987), together with his younger brothers Mr. Poon Lian Guan (born 1989) & Mr. Poon Lian Pow (born 1991) are the initial founders and also the immediate recent brother owners of this best recommended Chinese Steamed Bun & Dim Sum House “Triple Lucky 6 Restaurant” at Cheng, Malacca serving all their homemade steamed pao and other signature dim sum selections to the locals & visitors under a roof.

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The founder cum owner Poon Lian Guan, who at his age of 30 years old currently, all the while having interest in eatery & culinary been initially touched the f&b industry since his 10th years old working as a part-timer in a Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant locally, then fully stepped into the career after 5 years at his 15 years old began as a kitchen trainee and being positioned as a Dim Sum Chef at his 17th. While younger brother Poon Lian Pow who also touched the career during his education age of 12 as part-timer, later-on stepped into the field at his 18th and positioned as a Dim Sum Chef after 3 years. Poon Liang Yew who stepped into the career joined his brothers later in year 2007, also began from a trainee then became a chef at his 28th of age.

With their (3 brothers) vision to have their very own dim sum house, added with their experiences & recipes on-hand and foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry locally allowed them to bodied-up then successfully established their very first brothers owned dim sum house officially named it the “Triple Lucky 6 Restaurant” in year 2018 at Taman Cheng Baru, Malacca introducing all their home recipes to the public. And finally being recognised among the best in town by the F&B E-Media for the year 2019 in the middle southern nation.

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In this Triple Lucky 6 Dim Sum House, the owners’ very first top recommended in their Steamed Pao menus will be their signature “Big Steamed Bun” or locally known the Da Pao which most wanted by their regulars. Mixtures of pork meats, sengkuang, onions, pork lards & boiled chicken egg in recipes, hand-wrapped with their home-rubbed flour dough in huge bun size then kept fermented and finally served after 15 minutes steam-cooked in-house will brings excellent tasty & juicy bites texture of Chinese Steamed Bun eatery that you must try when reached Malacca.

Secondly will be their famous “Steamed Glutinous Rice” or known Loh Mai Kai by the locals, which also among the restaurant’s daily top seller favourite by the visitors. Glutinous rice soaked overnight, then prepared mixed with overnight-marinated chicken thigh & pork meats into their home recipe sauce broth, and finally served after about 15 minutes steam-cooked will brings exotic salty sweet taste of steamed chinese glutinous (Loh Mai Kai) selection that you will never regret after tasted here.

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Another will also the best in their steamed bun option of “Roasted Pork Bun” or famously known as the Char Siew Pao like by most of the locals. Local fresh pork leg’s portion commonly selected, prepared in cutted pieces fried with their homemade sweet sauce (made from 7 spice ingredients mixture), hand-wrapped in their home-rubbed fermented flour dough and finally served after 10 minutes hot steamed will brings wonderful tasty sweet & juicy bites of Char Siew Pao that you will neither found the same nor better elsewhere in town.

Another will be their special “Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun”, which also the Poon brothers’ all time favourite recommended that wanted by their customers all the while. Mixtures of butter, fresh coconut milk (Santan) & salted egg, wrapped insided with their hand-rubbed flour dough then finally served in 7 minutes steamed will brings unbelievable salty sweet tasty creamy bites of chinese bun into mouth. And their vegetarian selection of “Vegetable Bun” (Chai Pao) too you really cannot missed when stepped into this best recognised Chinese Steamed Buns & Dim Sum House “Triple Lucky 6 Restaurant” running by the 3 Poon brothers in the state of Malacca.



Address: No. 1,

Jalan Seri 7,

Taman Cheng Baru,

75250 Melaka,



Business Hours: 6:00am to 12:30pm (Daily)

(Closed on Thursday)


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