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“Nasi Lemak” or known Santan Rice Eatery by the locals is all the while among a kind of our nation Malaysia’s famous local delicacy eatery in the Nanyang Cuisine selection, not only favourite by the locals but also like by most of the visitors carrying by respective home recipes along the nations can be easily found everywhere since decades. Here in the state of Selangor, we found and being successfully recognised among the best recommended Chinese Nasi Lemak (Santan Rice) Restaurant “Nasi Lemak Factory” at Puchong, Selangor running by the Wang brothers having great positive response from the market recently.

Both the Selangor local originated Mr. Bryan Wang Jing Chang (born 1986), with his younger brother Mr. Shino Wang Jing Shion (born 1990) both are the recent immediate owners of this best recognised Chinese Santan Rice (Nasi Lemak) Eatery Restaurant “Nasi Lemak Factory” by MCJ Global Enterprise at Bandar Puchong Jaya, Selangor presenting all their home recipe nasi lemak combination selections and signatures to the locals & visitors all under a roof in manner on the ground.

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The owner cum restaurant’s chef Bryan Wang Jing Chang, who at his age of 35 years old currently, been initially touched the f&b industry at his 12 of age in the year 1998 began as a part-timer experienced in the chinese cuisine at Kuala Lumpur. Then fully stepped into the career after education in the year 2003 at his 17th all the while stayed in the kitchen field exposed in the chinese & western cuisine later-on being positioned as a Chef running through Kuala Lumpur and Selangor with his passions in the field.

While another brother owner Shino Wang Jing Shion, who was a Graphic Designer all the while having interest in eatery & culinary made himself stepped into the f&b industry in the year 2013 reached United States stayed 1&half years there graduates from a Culinary Academy, later-on returned to home country started his very first partnership Wantan Noodles House (recently in production/manufacturing) in the year 2015 at Damansara where Shino Wang experienced practically on the floor. With experiences & recipes on-hand, added with vision to have their very owned brothers eating house locally and foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry especially to further the exposures & introducing more in-trendy nasi lemak combination selections allowed the Wang brothers Bryan and Shino finally began running their Chinese Santan Rice Restaurant “Nasi Lemak Factory” by MCJ Global Enterprise in the year 2019 at Puchong, Selangor serving all their signature nasi lemak combinations to the public. And being recognised among the best in town by the Malaysian F&B E-Media for the year 2021 in the state of Selangor.

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In this Nasi Lemak Factory, the owners’ very first top recommended in menus will be their “Signature Special Rempah Pork Nasi Lemak” which most wanted by the local Chinese recently. Local fresh T-bone pork chop commonly selected, marinated overnight with their home recipes mixture into lemongrass, then followed by about 10 minutes roasted to cooked and finally served on banana leaf with their home-boiled fragrant santan (coconut milk) rice, homemade ikan bilis sambal paste, half a boiled chicken egg, cracker, cucumber slices & home-fried crispy ikan bilis & peanuts will be the perfect combination of their Signature Special Rempah Pork Nasi Lemak eatery that you must have a try here. Especially the juicy bites rempah pork taken tipping onto their homemade sour spicy sauce paste sided  too cannot aside here.

Secondly will be their famous “Superstar Rempah Chicken Nasi Lemak”, also among the restaurant’s top picks favourite by their regulars in the chicken options. Local fresh chicken whole leg commonly selected, overnight marinated in their chef’s 15 ingredients mixture of recipes, followed by about 15-20 minutes deep fried and finally served with their hot boiled fragrant santan rice, cracker, homemade sambal, cucumber slices, boiled chicken egg, fried ikan bilis & peanuts will brings another tasty juicy bites of rempah chicken taken in a set of their nasi lemak combination kind of eatery that you will never regret after tasted here.

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Another will be their special “Africa Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak”, which also wanted by their visitors recently in menus. Also local fresh chicken whole leg selected, marinated hours in home recipes then floured-up, followed by about 15-20 minutes deep fried coated with nestum, black pepper, garlic & butter milk and finally served in excellent crispy bites with nice fair spicy taste into mouth that you neither found the same elsewhere in town here. Of course taken with set of their nasi lemak combination will brings another wonderful Africa Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak eatery by the recognised Nasi Lemak Factory.

Moreover, the Wang brothers also introduced their newly all time favourite recommended  “M.C.O. Korean Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak” which among the best selection for those who like spicy in combination of Thai & Korean recipes. Chicken whole leg marinated in hours then floured-up, followed by deep fried to cooked and finally coated with their home-mixed sour sweet fair spicy sauce paste toppings of home-fried white sesame seeds taken with their set of nasi lemak platter will brings delicious chicken’s juicy & chewing bites of eatery that you really cannot missed when stepped towards this best recognised Chinese Santan Rice Restaurant “Nasi Lemak Factory” at Bandar Puchong Jaya, Selangor.




Address: No. 51G,

Jalan Kenari 19A,

Bandar Puchong Jaya,

47100 Puchong,


Business Hours: 9:30am to 8:00pm (Daily)


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