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‘Lui Cha’, the mixtures of vegetables and rice poured with vege soup stock which is the very traditional Hakka food from the Ho Po Hakka religious from hundred years ago.  Mr. Soon Choong Leong and his wife Ms. Chai Siew Foong who is the pure generation of Hakka Ho Po citizen presenting her Lui Cha and other signature home recipe hakka foods in their “Siew Foong Restaurant” at Overseas Union Garden.


















Mr. Soon Choong Leong who formerly a construction workers entered into food industry in the year 1993 at his age of 24 years old after he quit his initial career joined with her wife trying to expose their f&b career.  While Chai Siew Foong who having great interest and experience in hakka cooking generated from her mother since childhood finally stepped into her f&b industry in the year 1993 together with her husband at her age of only 20 years old.  They successfully tendered then operated their very owned canteen food stall in the Selayang Primary School for 15 years.  In between they too explored their career by operating another canteen stall in Kheow Bin School at Batu Cave Gombak in the year 1999/2000 for another 8 years.  Later on realised that her Hakka home cooking recipe was underlaps, she decided to establish her very exotic hakka food restaurant to present the pure original hakka cooking especially the home recipe ‘Lui Cha’ not only to Hakka citizens but also to let other locals to taste Hakka Home Cook Foods.  Finally the husband and wife founded and owned the “Siew Foong Restaurant” at OUG! Kuala Lumpur in the early of year 2012.
















Among all Hakka dishes, Lui Cha will be the most recommended in the restaurant which not served by every hakka restaurant.  According to Siew Foong, Lui Cha is the pure original creation from the Ho Po Hakka religious hundred years ago.  She generated the home recipe from her mother and her mother’s recipe was from her grandmother.  Lui Cha which served in the mixture of rice, tau fu, beans, peanuts, dry little shrimp, garlic, onion and varieties vegetables then poured inside the veges soup stock produced from mint leafs, tea leafs and a vege known ‘jiu chen ta’ or ‘yu hin’ is healthy to have for all locals such children, adults and also aged citizens.  Besides, their hakka Yong Tau Fu which made from the mix blended ingrediants of fresh pork meat, fresh fish meat, salted fish, garlic and a vege known ‘yin sai’ brings the best chewing taste also the signature menu in the restaurant.  Moreover, the hakka Braised Black Vinegar Trotter in claypot and Steamed Fresh Pork Minced with salted fish also most wanted by their regulars.  Nonetheless, the ‘Mui Choi Kao Yuk’ and the Stewed Pork with yam also famously known ‘Wu Tau Kao Yuk’ are also their signature exotic dishes which cannot missed by locals.


Location: No.70, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2,

Overseas Union Garden (OUG),

58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours: 9:30am to 9:30pm (Daily)

(Closed on Thursday)






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