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5The Sabahan founder of the kopitiam Mr. Hee or famously known as Ah Lok by community founded the “Ching Fah Coffee Shop” at Dongonggon, Sabah serving local favourite eatery with more than 50 years history.  Ah Lok who formerly a bus driver stepped into the food and beverage industry in the year 1964 after met and learnt from a master from Hong Kong who formerly the chef in the famous ‘Borneo Hotel’ at Kota Kinabalu, established his very first food stall in a kopitiam at Dongonggon market place selling breakfast such porridge and local ‘yong tau foo’ for about 18 years then in the year 1982 exploring moved into shop lot (current location) named “Ching Fah Coffee Shop” serving local foods for breakfast and lunch.










His son, Mr. Hee Kwok Hung (2nd generation) who formerly a successful timber businessman from 1982 to 1996 quit his career then generated his father’s coffee shop from year 1997 until now in assist by lovely wife.  Mr. Hee who already experienced helping in the kopitiam since kids exploring further their cooking and recipe to satisfy locals eatery and carrying catering services.  His wife Ms. Chee Mei Fah who originate from West Malaysia reached and has been helping in the kopitiam since 1980 before Me. Hee fully handover operating the restaurant.










In the restaurant, their ‘Kon Lou Mee” topped with their homemade char siew will be the top recommended taken with their signature home recipe sauce.  Other than char siew, their steamed boiled chicken too favourite choice by their regulars taken together with their home recipe sauce kon lou mee especially during breakfast session.  Besides, their fried tuaran mee mixed local fresh veges, egg and char siew also one of the most wanted by their regulars.  Moreover, the restaurant carrying the local traditional ‘Economy Rice’ with about 40 choices of fresh and hot dishes serving during lunch session is also the signature generation passed tradition.



Address : Block J, Lot 1,

Pekan Dongonggon Baru,

Penampang, Sabah.

Business Hours : 6:00am to 4:00pm (Daily)



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