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“Wantan Mee” or known by the local chinese religious “Tok-Tok Mee” in the 1930s still favourites by the locals nowadays, and still frequently practised everywhere in the nation on respective recipes.  At the Nilai Oldtown, a fomous university town in Negeri Sembilan, we found and being recognised one of the oldest history noodle house “Chong Kee” running more than 50 years by Lee family into 3rd generation recently.

The local originated Mr. Lee Boon Keong, the 3rd generation, who born in year 1982 is the recent owner of the local recommended “Chong Kee Restaurant” along Jalan Besar Nilai.  Being assisted by mother Madam Lim Kim Moi (born 1962) and younger sister Ms. Lee Siew Ling (born 1988) continue presenting their family generation homemade egg noodles selection to the locals and visitors still in the same restaurant, established since year 1964.

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The beginner, late Mr. Lee Ngot Chang (1936-1994), who was the founder of “Chong Kee Wantan Mee” began his very first roadside noodle stall selling handmade noodles along Jalan Besar, Nilai in 1950s in assistance by son Mr. Lee Kim Fah (1957-2014) who was the 2nd generation.  Later on built and moved into shoplot at the same location in 1964, where the “Chong Kee Restaurant” in existance.

While in 1980s, Lee Kim Fah been given the responsibility to continue father’s career took over the restaurant with wife Kim Moi introducing their homemade duck egg made noodles to the public, having great response from the market.  Also being assisted by son and daughters in the restaurant further their exposure in the industry.


Lee Boon Keong who at his age of 33 years old recently, touched the industry since kids helping parents in the noodle house been passed onto their family’s noodle making recipe at his 12th of age as 3rd generation.  Took up the ownership in year 2014 keeping their authentic traditional eateries available today, and being recognised as one of the best noodle house in town year 2015.

In Chong Kee, the owner’s first top recommended in menus surely will be their Homemade Egg Noodles which made mixtures from chicken and duck eggs to be served in their family’s 3-generation Dry Kon Lou flavour.  Homemade noodles boiled with best bites texture, mixed with home recipe soy sauce from 4 ingredients, then served topped with an hour charcoal roasted pork (char siew), veges and sided with deep fried pork dumpling (wantan) brings fantastic “Wantan Mee” you must try when reached Nilai.  This is also one of the traditional eatery made since the founder late Lee Ngot Chang in 1950s.

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Secondly will be their Soup Wantan Mee, also one of the restaurant’s 3-generation signature eatery most wanted by the regulars.  In-house soup base boiled at least 3 hours with pork & chicken bones, served inside with their homemade egg noodles, topped with char siew, veges and deep fried wantan really brings authentic soup noodles you cannot aside.  Delicious soup swallowed into mouth and the boiled egg noodles bites texture itself you will find neither elsewhere.

Another will be their Cantonese Fried “Sang Mee” or locally known “Watan Sang Mee”, which among the restaurant’s top seller favourites by the visitors.  In-house made noodles prepared after seconds deep fried, then served poured onto their sauce paste cooked with veges, meats and into chicken egg will be the best cantonese fried noodle you will never regret after tasted.

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Nonetheless, Boon Keong also introduced his favourites Dry Fried Sang Mee which among the best signature recently.  Using their homemade noodles dry fried with beansprout, carrot shredded, chicken egg, fish cake, pork slice and onion brings an exotic plate of fried noodles you cannot missed when stepped into this 3-generation half decade noodle house “Chong Kee Restaurant” at Nilai Oldtown, Negeri Sembilan.



Address: No. 110,

Jalan Besar Nilai,

71800 Nilai,

Negeri Sembilan.


Business Hours: 10:30am to 9:00pm (Daily)

(Closed on Tuesday)

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