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The eatery “Dim Sum” which taken favourites by Chinese religious since thousand years ago still nowadays being one of the famous food practiced and taken in our nation Malaysia mostly served in Hong Kong style, so called “Hong Kong Dim Sum”.  In the world heritage Melaka, we found and being recognised one of the best Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant “Dim Sum Garden” established since 2008 running by the Lee brothers and sister, having great response from the public.

The local Melaka originated Ms. Lim Lee Lee (born 1966) who at her age of 49 years old recently, together with her younger brother Mr. Lim Eng Beng (born 1971) both were the founders and immediate owners of the recommended “Dim Sum Garden” restaurant.  With assistance by their elder brother Chef Lim Eng Peng, also the restaurant chief dim sum chef introducing all their signature Hong Kong Dim Sum recipes to the locals and visitors under a roof.

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Ms. Lim Lee Lee who formerly was in Hotel Management Industry experienced in f&b field for more than 20 years, having great supports from her younger brother Lim Eng Beng who all the while interested in eateries and foreseen the market opportunity in the industry enabled the brother & sister in year 2008 successfully established their very first and owned dim sum eating house named “Dim Sum Garden” along Jalan Thamby Abdullah, Melaka.  And being from the beginning assisted by their elder brother Chef Lim Eng Peng who at his age of 50, having more than 20 years experiences in the field.  Also helping by Lee Lee’s son Tommy Chow Li Quan, to be the next generation follower.

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Combination of traditional Cantonese Dim Sum selections and Chef Lim’s home recipes will be their main reason made visitors favourites, unlike the others in town.  The owner’s first top recommended in menus, which also one of the signature “Cheese Mai” like by the visitors.  Mixtures of pork minced and cheese prepared wrapped with flour-made wrapper, served after 7 minutes steamed brings very authentic eatery or dim sum selection you must try when reached Melaka.

Secondly will be their family’s generation recipe Nyonya Rice Dumpling, by Lim’s mother.  This Madam Lim’s homemade rice dumpling insided with marinated nyonya recipe pork brings fantastic traditional eatery’s taste you cannot aside.  Especially the rice textures into bites and the home recipe pork insided taken into mouth.

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Another will be their best recommended among Bun series, the Custard Bun or locally known “Liu Sa Pao”.  Homemade flour steamed bun insided with mixtures of butter milk and salted egg brings unbelievable exotic bites into mouth.  Also their Deep Fried Prawn Roll, among the restaurant’s top seller.  Fresh prawn wrapped with dried beancurd sheet, prepared in deep fried then served sided and taken tipping onto salad or mayonnaise sauce will be the best in town.

Surely cannot aside, the Hong Kong Dim Sum delicacies such steamed “Siew Mai”(pork dumpling), “Ha Kao”(prawn dumpling), “Pai Kuat”(pork ribs) and “Fung Chao”(chicken feets) all too available in this dim sum house on Chef Lim’s recipe most wanted by their regulars.  And almost to be seen on every single table in the restaurant.

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Moreover, their Fried Radish Cake or known “Carrot Cake” by the locals will be among recommended sides.  Steamed radish cake made from white carrot shredded into paste, prepared in cutted cubes then fried with beansprout, spring onion, garlic and chicken egg will be one of the famous selection in a Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant you will never regret after tasted.

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Nonetheless, the founders also introduced their Homemade Yong Tau Foo with the options of eggplant, red chilli, lady finger, bittergourd, dried beancurd etc prepared insided with home recipe fish-made paste, served in deep fried you cannot missed when stepped into the “Dim Sum Garden” at the World Heritage Site, Melaka.



Address: No. 3 & 5,

Jalan Thamby Abdullah,

75000 Melaka.


Business Hours: 7:00am to 3:00pm (Daily)


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