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There will always an authentic most famous and recommended restaurant in a particular town or state which presenting the locals favourites delicacy eateries and services made them been recognised.  Here in Segamat, Johor we found and being firstly recognised one of the best chinese cuisine restaurant “Shi Wei Fu” carried by Lim family since 1991 began from 9 tables untill today made available 100 tables under a roof in town having great response not only from locals but also visitors.

The local Segamat originated Mr. Lim Jun Haur who born in year 1972, was the initial founder and recently with brothers Lim Jun Den (born 1970), Lim Jun Yeong (born 1971), sisters Lim Pey Shy (born 1974) and Lim Wan Shy (born 1975) are the current owners of the local well known “Shi Wei Fu Restaurant” serving their signature menus to the public in manner.  Also being recently known as the best eating house must try in town.

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Lim Jun Haur or known Ah Huat, also the restaurant’s Chief Chef who at his age of 43 years old currently, initially stepped into the f&b industry since year 1988 at his 16th began as kitchen trainee recruited himself into the “Restaurant Tai Ah” chinese restaurant in Segamat for more than 2 years.  Later on been reached Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and even Singapore to further his exposure in the career in order to sharpen his profession before returned to hometown Segamat.

While in year 1991, with the experiences Ah Huat hold, assistance from parents and eldest brother Jun Den whose all the while in f&b industry running their food stall formerly, added with foreseen the market opportunity in the industry enabled Ah Huat established his very first owned eating house named “Shi Wei Fu” chinese restaurant along Jalan Pee Kang Hai, Segamat with 9 tables.  Then moved to Jalan Melur after 2 years expanded into fitted in 30 tables to serve better.


With the positive response, Ah Huat then successfully converted his eating house into air-conditioned chinese cuisine restaurant with 6 shoplots at Segamat Baru, where “Shi Wei Fu Restaurant” came into favourites and famous known by the locals.  Also handling occasions and functions dinner in-house up to 65 tables under a roof.  Then in year 2011 expanded into one of the largest chinese cuisine restaurant in town at Taman Utama, Segamat which is the recent location.

In “Shi Wei Fu”, the founder’s top recommended in menus will be their Signature Fried Rice or locally known as “Shi Wei Fu Fried Rice” which on Ah Huat’s recipe available since first location.  Selected rice fried with fine ikan bilis, onions, prawn and chicken egg, added into their in-house recipes mixture looks casual but taste special you must try when reached Segamat, Johor.  Especially the rice bites texture and exotic taste you will never find elsewhere.  Also one of the must order selection by their regulars in “Shi Wei Fu Restaurant” for the past 20 years even today.

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Secondly will be their famous Mongolia Pork Ribs, also among the most wanted by the visitors you cannot aside.  Selected pork ribs part prepared in 3 days marinated with their home recipes made from more than 10 ingredients, and served in deep fried brings really fantastic eatery you will never regret after taken.  The ribs meat’s texture in bites and authentic taste into mouth likes by most of the visitors.

Another will be the Bangkok Mee Sua Prawn, which is one of the restaurant’s top seller favourites by customers.  Sea “Ming” prawn selected, cooked with homemade sour & spicy sauce also made up from more than 10 ingredients mixture, prepared mixed with chinese traditional fine noodles “Mee Sua”, and served bottom with steamed egg really brings unbelievable exotic eatery likes by all local Malaysian’s religious.

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Moreover, they also introduced one of the chinese authentic traditional eatery, the Braised Pork Belly or locally known “Tong Po Yuk” which prepared in home recipe.  Belly pork selected, stewed at least 6 hours with their 10 ingredients mixture recipes, served in cutted cubes and sided with chinese steamed bun will be the best in town.  Especially the sauce taste iteself and the chewing meat’s texture into mouth, unlike the others.

Nonetheless, the founder Ah Huat cannot missed the chance to recommend their Hong Kong or Cantonese Steamed Fish among signatures.  Sea or river fish selection on customer’s request prepared in 6-7 minutes steamed, then served simply poured onto their homemade soy sauce mixtures brings excellent taste and best fish freshness you must not missed when stepped into this “Shi Wei Fu Restaurant” at Segamat, Johor.





Address: Lot 26993,

Jalan Utama 2/4,

Taman Utama,

85000 Segamat,



Business Hours: 11:00am to 3:00pm

5:30pm to 10:30pm (Daily)

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