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“Hakka Yong Tau Foo”, one of the famous and favourites traditional eatery especially by the Chinese hakka religious practised since decades.  But today still frequently served by lots of restaurants in our nation Malaysia on respective recipes likes by the locals.  Here in Segamat, Johor we found one of the best Hakka Yong Tau Foo specialist “Hoe Hin” by Loh family presenting their family’s generation hakka home recipes to the market into nearly half decade.

The Kajang hakka originated Mr. Loh Yuk Chang who born in year 1955, together with his wife Madam Liew Pit Lee (born 1966) both are the immediate recent owners of the well known Hakka’s specialized eating house “Hoe Hin Restaurant” which established by Yuk Chang’s father in 1970s in Segamat township, having more than 40 years history.  And been 15 years since 2000 introducing all their signature family’s hakka delicacies to the visitors at Segamat Baru.

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The founder, Yuk Chang’s father late Mr. Loh Kon Fook (1931-2014) who reached Segamat, Johor late 1960s initially stepped into the f&b industry in year 1972 established his very first restaurant named “Hoe Hin”, assisted by son Yuk Chang selling Chinese Dim Sum and Steamed Bun (Bao).  Formerly been one of the famous dim sum eating house in town ended 1999 due to circumstances.

Loh Yuk Chang (recent owner) who at his age of 60 years old currently, all the while having great interest in eatery initially stepped into the career since his 16th of age experienced in dim sum field, joined and helping father in their restaurant as Dim Sum Chef leading the kitchen from 1970s exposed more than 20 years in the industry.

While in year 2000, Yuk Chang moved “Hoe Hin” to Bandar Segamat Baru began his family’s generation hakka home recipes in the restaurant presenting to the locals having very positive response made him and wife Pit Lee continued their exposure in the field untill today into 15 years and being recognised as one of the best recommended “Hakka Recipe” eating house in town.


In Hoe Hin, the owner Yuk Chang’s first top recommended in menus surely will be the Hakka Yong Tau Foo which also the Hakka religious’s famous authentic delicacy eatery.  Options of eggplant, bittergourd, red chilli, dried beancurd, beancurd sheet and beancurd all prepared in deep fried insided with their home recipe pork and fish mixtures, served after 10 minutes stewed with their in-house sauce brings excellent and really traditional hakka taste you must try when reached Segamat in Johor.

Secondly will be their Signature Black Vinegar Pork Trotter, which among the restaurant’s top seller.  Local pork trotter selected, braised half an hour with ginger, dried chilli and home recipes mixture brings exotic sweet & sour taste you cannot aside.  And the trotter bites texture itself into mouth will be the best in town you will never find elsewhere other than “Hoe Hin”, by their regulars.

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Another will be their Hakka Fried Pork, which also one of the famous traditional Hakka dish favourites by their visitors.  Belly pork selected prepared in deep fried after marinated, then stewed at least 20 minutes with black fungus added into Loh’s family generation recipes mixture brings authentic eateries you will never regret after tasted.

Moreover, their home stir-fried Sea Bamboo with Pork and Preserved Vege Pork also among those recommended by Yuk Chang in “Hoe Hin” likes by their customers all too on his home recipes, and on limited serves daily.

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Last but not least, the owners also introduced their Rice Wine Mee Sua which recently served the most in the restaurant.  Homemade rice wine cooked with fine noodles (Mee Sua) mixed with pork lean meat, intestine, kidney, liver, chicken egg and vegetables you should not missed when stepped into this Hakka specialist “Hoe Hin Restaurant” in Segamat, Johor.



Address: No. 1,

Jalan Nagasari 20,

Bandar Segamat Baru,

85000 Segamat,



Business Hours: 7:30am to 2:30pm (Daily)

(Closed on Monday)

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