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The most famous chicken rice frequently taken and favourites by most of the chinese locals in Malaysia, also around the world, the “Hainanese Chicken Rice” practised since decades ago still can be found easily everywhere in the nations on respective recipes.  Here in Segamat, Johor we found and being recognised one of the best Hainanese Chicken Rice by Hainan religious Lee’s family “Siang Kee” eating house presenting their home recipes to the public in manner.

The local Segamat originated late Mr. Lee Joon Toon (1951-2013) was the initial founder, together with wife Madam Jenny Lee Geok Chu who born in year 1967 were the owners of the recommended “Siang Kee Chicken Rice” introducing their home recipe traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice to the locals and visitors in hometown Segamat.  Recently been carried by Jenny Lee, with assistance by daughter Yvonne Lee Chai Hoon at her 25th of age recently.


The founder, late Lee Joon Toon who formerly in Fruits Supplies Industry with wife Jenny Lee in Kuala Lumpur, initially stepped into the f&b industry in year 2006 running their very first food stall along Old Klang Road selling hainanese chicken rice for a year then returned to hometown Segamat continued their chicken rice stall in foodcourt for another few years to further their exposure in the industry.

With the positive great response from market, added with mission to expose further in the career enabled the Lee couple moved into a restaurant began as chicken rice stall at Kampong Abdullah, Segamat.  Later-on successfully converted into chicken rice specialized restaurant in year 2011 officially known “Siang Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice”.

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In Siang Kee, the recent owner Jenny’s first top recommended in menus surely will be their Hainanese Boiled Chicken which prepared on husband’s recipe.  Local feeded chicken with about 2kg weight, boiled half an hour in soup base with chicken’s fats inside, then served in cutted pieces taken poured onto their in-house 8 recipes sauce brings authentic excellent hainanese boiled chicken you must try when reached Segamat.  Chicken meat’s texture in bites and taste into mouth will be the reason to be recognised as the best in town.

Secondly will be their Roasted Chicken, which among customer’s most wanted recently in the restaurant.  Chicken marinated with total 6 ingredients mixture, deep fried for about 15 minutes to maintain the juicy meat’s texture and finally served on table with poured onto another homemade soy sauce made from different 6 ingredients mixture likes by the regulars, you cannot aside.  Also to be the best matching and complete set of Hainanese Chicken Rice sided with plate of their delicious home cooked oil rice prepared with pandan leaf, chicken fats and home fried onion’s oil.

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Another will be their Home Recipe Roasted Pork Belly (Siew Yuk), also between the restaurant’s top seller.  Pork belly marinated overnight with 5 spices, followed with an hour roasted, then served in cutted cubes brings exotic crispy skin layer, tasty & juicy meats in bites you will never regret after taken.

Moreover, they also have their homemade Roasted Pork or locally known “Char Siew”.  Pork belly marinated with 8 spices mixture, roast for about half an hour with the sauce from marination, served also in cutted pieces brings sweet & fantastic roast taste unlike the others, among the best in town.

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In order to meet the market demand and various the variety allowed Jenny Lee to introduce her very home recipe Stewed Chicken Egg and Stewed Beancurd which prepared in an hour you cannot missed when stepped into this famous recommended “Siang Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice” restaurant in Segamat, Johor.



Address: No. 301B,

Jalan Sia Her Yam,

Kampong Abdullah,

85000 Segamat,



Business Hours: 8:30am to 4:00pm (Daily)

(Closed on Tuesday)


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