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“Steamboat” will be one of the favourites by Asians bringing to have in a group, also frequently practised and taken by the Malaysian locals around the nation.  But do you ever try the well known Taiwanese “Mini Steamboat” which initially serves per pot for each recently available in Segamat, Johor being recognised as one of the best in town, the “Oldstreet 23″ restaurant since 2012.

The Indonesia originated Mr. Benny Yeo who born in year 1961, together with his lovely wife who is Segamat local Ms. Wendy Lee Chey Woei (born 1972) were the founders and immediate owners of the recommended “Oldstreet 23″ in Segamat old township introducing their home recipe mini steamboat and various asian cuisines to the locals and visitors under a roof.

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The couple Benny and Wendy who are in Manpower Supplies Industry, all the while having great interest in eateries and foreseen the market opportunity in the f&b industry initially stepped into the career in year 1998 at Taiwan running their very first restaurant serving Indonesian authentic menus and some Asian cuisines for about 10 years in the exposure, ended in 2008.

In between, Benny and Wendy decided to bring the Taiwanese famous eateries and their recipes back to town, in year 2002 reached Wendy’s hometown Segamat established their “River Pub & Cafe” at Jalan Sultan, Segamat serving Taiwanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese and combination of Western cuisines with no pork to serve most of the local religious in a restaurant.  Still on-going today, being also one of the recommended in town.


In order to expose further and wishing to serve non-halal menus, and able bringing much more options to the locals.  Benny and Wendy again in year 2012 successfully brought into the local market Taiwan’s famous “Mini Steamboat” and non-halal selections in their officially established “Oldstreet Twenty Three” restaurant right beside their River Cafe along Jalan Sultan, in Segamat township being recognised as one of the best restaurant in year 2015.


In this “Oldstreet”, the founder’s first top recommended in menus surely will be their main signature Taiwanese Mini Steamboat which emphasising each person per pot.  Soup base prepared in 6 hours boiled with pork bones, chicken bones added home recipes served in mini boiling pot, sided with plate of mixtures with veges, meat ball, fish ball, prawn, pork slice, beancurd sheet, noodle, mushroom, golden stick mushroom and bird egg will be perfect complete set of mini steamboat you must try when reached Segamat, Johor.  Especially the home soup base taste when swallowed into mouth you will like it.

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Other than Mini Steamboat, their “Kam Hiong Pork” is also among the recommended in menus.  Pork slices stir-fried with onions, dried chilli, homemade sambal paste made from more than 10 ingredients mixture brings exotic sweet & spicy taste unlike the others.  Served sided in a set with bowl of rice, plate of fruits and soup will be complete set lunch or dinner favourites by most of their regulars.

Another will be their Assam Pedas Seafood, which prepared with Locals and Indonesians recipe mixtures.  Fresh prawn selected, stir-fried mixed with squids and veges in their in-house assam pedas paste made from 9 spices brings authentic spicy taste you will never regret after tasted.  Aslo to be served in set with rice, soup and fruits, among the restaurant’s top seller.

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Nonetheless, Benny and Wendy also taken the opportunity to introduce their Western’s top Black Pepper Chicken Chop among visitors most wanted.  Boneless chicken drumstick marinated with 5 spices, deep fried without flour, then served on sizzling plate with poured onto their homemade recipe black papper sauce sided with veges and macoroni you cannot missed when stepped into this “Oldstreet 23″ restaurant at Segamat, Johor.



Addrsss: No. 70,

Jalan Sultan,

85000 Segamat,



Business Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm (Daily)


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