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One of the 21st century’s famous favourites by most of the Asians, the “Taiwanese Cuisine” nowadays frequently practised in our nation Malaysia on respective recipes.  Especially among the Taiwanese’s delicacy eatery the “Mini Steamboat” currently can be tasted in “One Roof” at Kuching, Sarawak which being recognised as one of the best eating house in town year 2015.

The local originated Sarawakian Mr. Yeo Khim Chuan who born in Miri 1983 was the founder, and recently being joined by the brothers Davidson Kho Yeh Wei (born 1978) and Kelvin Kho Yeh Chiang (born 1983) both are the current owners of the “One Roof Cafe” along Jalan Song, Kuching continue serving their Taiwanese and Malaysian cuisines to the public, topic with the Mini Steamboat under a roof.

Yeo Khim Chuan who at his age of 32 years old, who all the while having great interest in eateries, and in order to realise father’s vision on Taiwanese cuisine added with his mission to expose in f&b industry foreseen the market opportunity enabled Khim Chuan in year 2014 successfully established his very first owned restaurant in Kuching named “One Roof Cafe” introducing home recipe mixtures of Taiwanese and local Malaysian cuisines to the locals and visitors into action.  So called by the regulars seems like eating in the “Little Taiwan” at Kuching, Sarawak.


While the Kho brothers Davidson and Kelvin who grown up in f&b family, been touched the industry in father’s chinese coffee shop “Jia Siang Kopitiam” at Matang, Kuching.  Davidson who is in Sports Media Industry and younger brother Kelvin who all the while helping father in their family kopitiam having interest to expose further in the f&b industry, allowed them in year 2015 joined and bodied into “One Roof Cafe” took over the responsibility to serve their in-house signature menus to the market in manner.

In this little Taiwan eating house, the founder’s first top recommended in menus surely will be their Signature Taiwanese Mini Steamboat which prepared in 3 soup options all boiled at least 5 hours.  The Chicken Soup brings original authentic taste, Taiwan Style Sa Sha Soup Base and the Spicy Soup on customer’s request.  Mini Steamboat served in set per pax will be sided with pork slice, veges, sweet corn, dried beancurd sheet, yam, meat ball etc brings fantastic eatery you must try.  Delicious soup taste and feeling like taking in little Taiwan you cannot aside.

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Secondly will be their Taiwan’s famous Stewed Minced Pork Rice, which also among the restaurant’s top seller.  Local pork minced prepared in 4 hours stewed with preserved veges and home recipes mixture, served topped onto boiled white rice and sided with stewed chicken egg brings a complete perfect set of Taiwanese Stewed Minced Pork Rice you will never regret after tasted.


Another will be their homemade recipe Stewed Beancurd, one of the regulars most wanted in the restaurant.  Beancurd prepared in deep fried, marinated bottomed with fish paste then topped with their in-house recipe stewed minced pork brings really authentic exotic eatery neither found better elsewhere, only in “One Roof Cafe”.

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Nonetheless, the owners also introduced their signature Golden QQ Ball or locally known Sweet Potato Ball which among top side order in the cafe.  Sweet Potato smashed into paste, rolled mixed with recipe flour into round in shape, then served in golden deep fried you cannot missed when stepped into this “One Roof Cafe” Taiwanese eating house at Kuching, Sarawak.  And also much options either in foods or beverages you should try in this little Taiwan restaurant.



Address: G9, Lot 11429,

Block 11 MTLD,

Jalan Song,

93350 Kuching,



Business Hours: 10:00am to 2:30pm

5:00pm to 9:00pm (Daily)

(Closed on Monday)

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