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When heard about the name “Kopitiam”, means traditional chinese coffee shop in our nation Malaysia surely made you firstly think of their toast bread taken with sided a cup of hot coffee or coffee ice sitting on wooden chair and table served by those oldies.  But here in Sarawak, or known the “Cat City” we found and being recognised a conceptual coffee house carried by group of youngsters, the “Lao Bai Xing” serving chinese authentic and western cuisines on home recipes under a roof.

The local Sarawakian Mr. Jong Chee Hui who born 1983 in Kuching was the initial founder, later on been joined by his members Kelvin Voon Huang Gui (born 1983), Jordan Chai Jiang Feng (born 1983), Sim Tze Peng (born 1982), Vun Yan Ping (born 1985) and Jong Thiam Ngan (born 1984) are the recent owners of the recommended “Lao Bai Xing Kopitiam” coffee house not only introducing the chinese traditional breakfast with toast breads and coffees but also their signature menus on combination of chinese & western cuisines to the public.

The founder cum main chef Jong Chee Hui who at his age of 32 years old currently, all the while having great interest in eateries and chefing, also been reached and experienced his career in Singapore, since 2009 been running his food stalls in hometown Kuching, Sarawak serving western sizzling eateries before established his very first owned restaurant “Lao Bai Xing Kopitiam” in year 2013 along Jalan Kempas at Everbright Jaya.

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With the mission on these group youngsters members, and foreseen the market opportunity in the f&b industry allowed Kelvin, Jordan, Tze Peng, Yan Ping and Thiam Ngan in year 2015 gathered in a body to joined Chee Hui to further expose in the career leading the kopitiam into better manner, and with the vision to go further into organised conceptual chinese coffee house exposure in coming period.

In “Lao Bai Xing”, among the signature selections, the owners firstly introduced their local Sarawak’s delicacy veges called Bidin which favourites by most of the Sarawakians.  Fresh local planted Bidin veges prepared in clear boiled, served mixed with chillies, onions, limes and their home recipe ingredients brings very appertising eatery you must try when reached the east Malaysia, only in Sarawak.

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Secondly will not aside their Sizzling Plater, as recommended Sizzling Noodles with Chicken among regulars most wanted.  Boiled noodles served on hot sizzling plate sided with their home cooked chicken with mushroom, poured onto home recipe gravy and bottomed with egg brings exotic spicy and mushroom taste you will like it.  That is a complete set of sizzling plate you neither taste the same elsewhere other than “Lao Bai Xing”.

Another will be their authentic chinese traditional eatery, the Sichuan Bittergourd Pork Rib Soup which among signature in the restaurant.  Soup base prepared in-house few hours boiled with pork ribs, mixed into Sichuan marinated spice vegetables and served into bittergourd slices brings really clear home-cooked soup taste you will never regret after taken.

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Moreover, there is still an authentic chinese traditional dish taken since decade especially by the Hakka religious, the Salted Fish with Pork made available in this conceptual kopitiam.  Local produced salted fish stir-fried with pork belly prepared in cutted slices mixed with ginger shredded brings very exotic tasty and salty taste you should have a try.

Nonetheless, the owners also took the opportunity to introduce the western corner’s top seller Chicken Chop.  Commonly chicken drumstick selected, prepared in boneless, marinated with home spices, grilled then served sided with mashed potato & salad, and taken with options of mushroom or black pepper gravy you cannot missed when stepped into this “Lao Bai Xing Kopitiam” at Kuching, Sarawak.


 Lao Bai Xing Kopitiam

Address: No. 98, Lot 3172,

Block 16, Everbright Jaya,

Jalan Kempas,

Off Jalan Tun Jugah,

93350 Kuching,



Business Hours: 10:00am to 11:00pm (Daily)

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