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Talking about “Lok-Lok”, one of the famous eatery been years taken and favourites by most of the Malaysians which eateries prepared in wooden stick like “Satay”, boiled and taken with spice sauce.  But recently cooked in deep fried and roasted is frequently practised in the South especially in Johor, now can be found at Sarawak in the “C. X. Cafe”, also being recognised as one of the best restaurant in town year 2015.

The both local Sarawakians Mr. Thomas Ting Siong Nguon who born in year 1987 and Mr. Sia Jew Huo (born 1975) originated from Sibu, together with Mr. Kan Kum Chuen (born 1969) from Kuala Lumpur were the founders and immediate owners of the recommended “C. X. Cafe” charcoal BBQ Lok-Lok & noodle house in Kuching, Sarawak presenting their home recipe signature menus to the locals in the Cat City.


Kan Kum Chuen who at his age of 46 years old currently, who also grown up in a f&b family touched the industry since his age of 10th helping parents in their home base noodle house later on initially stepped into career as kitchen trainee at his 18 of age in Serdang, Kuala Lumpur.  Kum Chuen been reached Taiwan and Johor to further his career exposure, later on returned to hometown Kuala Lumpur assisting parents in their noodle house before stepped into this Cat City Kuching, Sarawak.

With the mission to expose further and to bring his recipes into the East, added the supports from Thomas Ting and Jew Huo who are interested in eatery and foreseen the market opportunity in the f&b industry allowed them in mid year 2015 to bodied-up and  established their very first charcoal roasted (BBQ) Lok-Lok and cantonese noodles restaurant named “C. X. Cafe” along Jalan Sekama, Kuching to be the 1st into town.

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In this eating house, the founders first top recommended in menus surely will be their Lok-Lok Sticks which prepared in more than 50 selections all on home recipes cooked either in boiled, deep fried or charcoal roasted (BBQ).  Options of meats, vegetables and mushrooms all ready in wooden sticks choosen on customer’s demand and self-service picked then cooked-ready by their Chef Kan.

Among the signatures selection, you should taste their Deep Fried Needle Mushroom which prepared and served with in-house recipe flour-fried that brings really crispy bites and fantastic taste.  Another will be their charcoal roasted duck meat stick, excellent meat’s texture and exotic duck meat taste you cannot aside.  Moreover, their roasted dried-meat stick and roasted fish skin also among the regulars most wanted in the restaurant.

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While in vegetables, mostly deep fried with Chef Kan’s recipe flour brings unbelievable eateries you will like it.  Taken Lok-Lok sticks here with tipping onto their home sauce provided in few favours made you awake, especially the sour & spicy chilli sauce homemade surely let you unforgetable, really spicy.

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Besides Lok-Lok sticks, they also have their Signature Curry Noodles Soup which prepared in-house.  Curry paste homemade from more than 10 ingredients mixture, boiled with noodles and served topped with fish cake slice, deep fried pork, dried beancurd, beancurd sheet and beansprout brings authentic curry taste you will never regret after tasted, and neither found elsewhere in the town.

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Nonetheless, the owners also took the opportunity to introduce their Pork Rice-Noodles or locally known Pork Mee Hun Soup.  Soup base boiled at least an hour insided with chicken bones, served cooked mixed with rice noodles (mee hun) and topped with fresh pork slice, minced meat and livers you cannot missed when stepped into this “C. X. Cafe” charcoal roasted sticks restaurant at Kuching, Sarawak.



Address: Lot 5698,

Section 64,

98A, G/F,

Jalan Sekama,

93300 Kuching,



Business Hours: 6:00pm to 4:00am (Daily)

(Closed on Alternate Sunday)

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