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“Taiwanese Cuisine” being commonly favourites by our local’s Malaysians, and also an asian cuisine which emphasising healthy and taste famously practise everywhere around the world.  Here in East Malaysia, we found and being recognised one of the best Taiwanese eating house “Ting Noodle House” by Chef Timothy in Kuching, Sarawak since 1999.

The local Sarawakian Mr. Timothy Ting Chek Jin (Chef Timothy) who originated from Sibu, born 1957 was the founder and recent immediate owner of the recommended “Ting Noodle House” Taiwanese eating restaurant introducing all his home recipes menu and homemade signatures to the locals and visitors in the Cat City into 16 years, having great response from the market subsequently.

Timothy Ting or known Chef Timothy, also the restaurant’s main chef at his age of 58 years old was formerly in Trading Industry, all the while having great interest in chefing and foreseen the market opportunity in the f&b industry touched the career year 1990 in Taiwan assisting in wife’s restaurant “Ong Kee”(pronouns) which serving local beverages & light dishes, where Chef Timothy experienced the career then fully stepped into the industry professionally.  Also being a highly recognised and certified Chef in China, Taiwan, France and Malaysia along his journey towards today’s success.

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While in year 1995, Chef Timothy and wife returned to home country based in Kuching, Sarawak established their very owned Taiwanese eating house named “Ting Noodle House” in year 1999 along Jalan Ban Hock serving most of their homemade Taiwanese cuisines under a roof, given the locals opportunity to taste the authentic Taiwanese recipes in the Cat City.

In “Ting Noodle House”, the founder’s top first recommended in menus will be his Sizhuan Beef Noodle.  Soup base boiled at least 2 hours, served cooked with round noodles mixed into their home-stewed beef cubes and topped with veges brings slight spicy and exotic taste, also the beef bites texture itself you must have a try when reached Kuching, Sarawak.  That is really feel like taking beef noodles in Taiwan, bringing the taste into Cat City.

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Secondly will be their Stewed Pork Rice, which also one of the Taiwan’s local famous eatery taken since decade.  Belly pork commonly selected, prepared in bigger cubes cutted pieces, stewed 2 hours on Chef Timothy’s recipes made up from mixtures of soy sauce, 5-taste ingredients powder and rice wine, then served topped onto cooked white rice sided with marinated preserved veges brings excellent eatery you cannot aside.


Another will be the Taiwan’s famous chinese dish called “Sam Pui Kai” or 3-Taste Chicken which among the restaurant’s top seller recently.  Boneless chicken drumstick prepared in cutted pieces, stir-fried with chef’s home recipes into rice wine, soy sauce and sesame oil, also some ginger slices & veges brings tasty sweet eatery you will never regret after tasted.  Especially the chicken meats texture in bites and the exotic taste into mouth.

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Moreover, as side order, Chef Timothy also taken the opportunity strongly introduced their delicious Homemade Dumpling which either prepared in boiled or pan-fried.  Also with the options of cabbage or chives veges insided mixed with pork minced.  Taken with tipping onto their vinegar & ginger shredded you cannot missed when stepped into this “Ting Noodle House” at Kuching, Sarawak.

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Address: Ground Floor,

No. 117B,

Lot 132,

Ban Hock Road,

93100 Kuching,



Business Hours: 10:00am to 8:00pm (Daily)

(Closed on Sunday)


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