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Concept Kopitiam or locally known as “Food Court” which with various eateries options available under a roof being frequently practised and a famous trend nowadays in our nation presenting respective recipes.  Same in the East, known the Cat City in Sarawak we found also one of the recommended eating place or kopitiam “No. 6″ in Kuching carried by 3 youngsters being recognised in town.

The local Sarawakians Mr. Chong Kim Shin, Mr. Liew Kiong Kong and Mr. Kendy Tan are the recent owners of the well known “Number Six Kopitiam” along Jalan Song, Kuching introducing more than 20 local delicacy eateries with food stalls in the restaurant operationg from breakfast to dinner, having great response from the locals and visitors currently.


These 3 youngsters Kim Shin, Kiong Kong and Kendy were all the while not in the f&b industry foreseen the market opportunity in the career and with the mission to expose further in the industry allowed them stepped into it and bodied-up, then established and run the restaurant year ago in Kuching, Sarawak.  Serving local Chinese, Western and other Asian’s cuisines to the visitors in manner.

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In “Number 6 Kopitiam”, the owner’s first top recommended among selections will be their western British Breakfast which is the top seller in the morning session.  Imported pan fried bacon, fried egg omelette with mayonnaise, hash brown, garlic breads, red beans and sided with fresh veges salad (coleslaw) brings a complete set of fantastic western breakfast you must try when reached the Cat City.

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Secondly will be their Braised Duck Rice, also among the signature most wanted by the regulars.  Local feeded duck selected, braised hours with home recipes, then served sided with hot boiled white rice you cannot aside.


Another will be the Claypot Fish Maw Soup, the premium selection only in this restaurant.  Quality fish maw selected, boil-cooked with veges and needle mushroom in home ingredients mixture recipe brings delicious healthy soup taste exotic swallowed into mouth and experienced the fish maw bites texture you will like it.

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Somemore, their Fish Paste Noodles Soup also one of the favourites by the visitors.  Homemade fish paste boil-cooked in hours boiled soup base mixed with veges, dried beancurd etc you will never regret after taken.


Cannot also missed the Kuching’s local best delicacy Kolo Mee and Kueh Chap in the kopitiam.  Round fine noodles boil-cooked served with pork minced and roasted pork (char siew) brings authentic Kolo Mee you need to taste.  While rice made noodles boiled with herbal soup mixed with pork mix and chicken egg is the local Fook Chew’s traditional eatery locally known “Kueh Chap”.

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Nonetheless, the owners also took the chance to introduce their local famous Asian’s Nasi Lemak taken sided with the Kuching’s originated 3-Layer Tea made up from Brown Sugar, Pandan and Tea will be the best matching in the restaurant.  And also their homemade refreshing beverage Lemon Plum Ice you cannot missed when stepped into this “Number 6 Kopitiam” at Kuching, Sarawak.



Address: Ground Floor,

Lot 16725,

Block 11,

Jalan Song,

93350 Kuching,



Business Hours: 6:00am to 9:00pm (Daily)

(Closed on Tuesday)



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