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In our nation Malaysia, if mention about “Fresh Seafood” will not aside in the east nation such Sabah and Sarawak.  Which naturally rich with various deep sea species favourites not only by locals, but also most wanted by visitors when reached Malaysia.  Here in Miri, Sarawak we found and being recognised one of the best seafood eating house “New Tanjong” that running into 15 years since 2001 along the coastal side.

Both the Sarawakians Mr. Yong Swee Tien who born in Miri year 1953, and Mr. Lee Chuin Hua (born 1968) originated from Kuching were the initial founders and recent owners of the recommended “New Tanjong Seafood Company” restaurant introducing most of the local’s fresh seafood selections to the public under a roof along the Tanjong Lobang Road in Miri, Sarawak.


Yong Swee Tien who at his age of 63 years old currently, was formerly in Bakery Industry.  Foreseen the market opportunity in f&b industry and himself all the while interested in seafood eateries initially stepped into the seafood f&b career since 1989 when firstly running a seafood restaurant “Tanjong Seafood” in Miri.  Later on joined by Chef Hua after few years, having great response from the market.

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While Lee Chuin Hua or known Chef Hua, who stepped into the chefing career in  Kluang, Johor began as kitchen trainee in a chinese restaurant named “CinCin Restaurant” at his age of 21st in year 1989, been also reached Singapore and Brunei to further his profession exposure before returned to hometown Sarawak.  In year 1993, Chef Hua recruited himself into Mr. Yong’s restaurant in Miri, then bodied-up to establish their “New Tanjong Seafood Company” in year 2001 at Jalan Brighton, Miri entering the 15th years operation in the industry today.

In this “New Tanjong”, the chef’s first top recommended in menus will be their Steamed Munyalan, a local’s delicacy river fish.  Fresh local wildlife river Munyalan selected, steamed about 15 minutes (depends on fish size), then served poured onto their in-house 5 recipes soy sauce mixture and topped with chilli & spring onion shredded will be the best you must try when reached Sarawak.

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Secondly will be their local Sarawak’s vegetable known Bidin, prepared in 2 taste.  Fresh Bidin veges boil-cooked, then served mixed with home recipes sauce and topped with crispy deep fried ikan bilis, onions, chilli and lime juice brings refreshing & appertising eatery with sweet, sour and spicy taste you will neither found elsewhere other than in Sarawak.

Another will be their top seller Roasted Tiger Prawn, which is one of the east Malaysia’s famous seafood species.  Deep sea tiger prawn selected, roast-cooked then served topped with their homemade sambal paste (belacan) which made from mixtures of more than 10 ingredients and dried shrimp shredded brings fantastic taste you cannot aside.  Especially the exotic taste and the tiger prawn meat bites texture itself into mouth.

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Moreover, their Salted Egg Crab also among the restaurant’s signature most wanted by the regular visitors.  Imported fresh meat crab from Sabah, boil-cooked, dried fried with salted egg yolk mixed into slight fresh milk & butter brings very authentic creamy and tasty eatery you will never regret after taken.

Nonetheless, the owners Mr. Yong and Chef Hua also taken the opportunity to introduce one of the restaurant’s top signature Bamboo Chicken which is the best in town.  Village chicken (Kampung Chicken) commonly selected, marinated mixed with kampung veges, garlic, ginger and spices flower all into a bamboo, then roast for half an hour before served poured onto plate really you cannot missed when stepped into this “New Tanjong Seafood Company” eating house in Miri, Sarawak.



Address: Lot 726,

Jalan Brighton,

Off Jalan Tanjong Lobang,

98000 Miri,



Business Hours: 3:30pm to 12:00am (Daily)


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