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If mention about fresh seafood and steamboat in our west nation, most of the people will think of “Pulau Ketam Seafood Steamboat” which since years ago being famously taken by the locals, also the tourist’s favourites when reached Malaysia.  Today, here in Shah Alam, Selangor we successfully found and recognised one of the best recommended seafood steamboat eating house “Ee Pin Steamboat” serving all their seafoods selection all the way from Pulau Ketam.

The local originated Ms. Elly Chua Yee Lee who born in Selangor was the initial founder, together with younger brother Alan Chua Poh Sia (born 1988) both are the recent owners of the well known “Ee Pin Steamboat Restaurant” at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam introducing not only authentic seafood steamboat, but also chef’s signature recipes to the market under a roof since year 2011.


Elly Chua Yee Lee who formerly was in Tourism Industry, initially touched the f&b industry at her 22nd of age helping in family’s steamboat restaurant at Subang Jaya SS15, Selangor from year 2003 stayed 7 years running the front floor enabled Elly Chua experienced the operation in the career.

With the great interest in the career and foreseen the market opportunity in the f&b industry, added with the chefing experiences hold by younger brother Alan Chua allowed Elly Chua fully stepped into the career in year 2011 then established their very first and owned steamboat restaurant named “Ee Pin Steamboat Restaurant” at Kota Kemuning.  Subsequent to great response from the public, Elly exposed into another outlet at Genting Permai after 2 years in 2013.  Finally “Ee Pin” being recognised as the best after 5 years in 2016.

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According to founder Elly Chua, their steamboat will be served in few soup base selections on customer’s request.  Among the top recommended will be their Clear Chicken Soup which boiled 1 hour insided with chicken bones and recipes, also the regular’s favourites in this steamboat restaurant.  Secondly will be their 1&half hour boiled Tom Yam Soup Base which is the Malaysian’s most wanted.  Also their Herbal Soup Base which prepared from in-house chicken soup base mixed boiled into with “tongkat ali”, red dates and “gei chi” brings authentic herbal taste & healthy eatery.  For those who can take spicy will can choose their Spicy Soup Base (Ma La).

Other than soup base, you can also try their Pumpkin Porridge Base steamboat among the restaurant’s top seller.  Smooth porridge into mouth and the exotic taste after boiled with other sided steamboat selections inside, you will never regret after taken.  Neither found better elsewhere in town.


While in the sided selections, they categorized into few major such most favourites by the visitors will the Seafoods from Pulau Ketam.  Especially their Indonesia Imported Egg Crabs which served limited daily, another will be Fresh Sea Ming Prawn and White Pomfret Fish.  In Meats corner, their Fine Pork Slices, Lamb Slices, Beef and Bacon will be among customer’s favourites.  Also their Meat Balls choices, recommended among the 100 sided dishes in menu.

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Besides Steamboat itself, owner Elly Chua also introduced their Signature Lala Mee Hun which likes by her regulars in menus.  Fresh Lala clams from Sekinchan will be selected, mixed fried with rice noodles (Mee Hun) and veges brings really fantastic Lala freshness taste into mouth you cannot aside.

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Nonetheless, their Red Wine Lala which steamed about 10 minutes with alluminium wrapped insided mixed with ginger and chilli padi shredded, and poured into slight homemade red wine brings unbelievable best wine and appertising taste you cannot missed when stepped into this “Ee Pin Steamboat Restaurant” at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, Selangor.



Address: 3-2-1 Ground Floor,

No. 14,

Persiaran Anggerik Vanilla,

Kota Kemuning,

40460 Shah Alam,



Business Hours: 4:30pm to 11:30pm (Daily)


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