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Seafood noodles and Seafood soup, which have been the local chinese delicates for many years, but most wanted by the locals in Johor decades ago. Here at Skudai, we have found and successfully recognised our 2017’s seafood noodles and seafood soup specialist “Yan Xiang Restaurant” introducing all the seafood recipes to the customers.

Mr. Eddie Pay Ah Guan, who was born in 1968 at Johor, is the owner and founder of Yan Xiang Restaurant of our best recommended currently operating in 95, Jalan Sutera Utama 8/2 serving all his signature food to the locals and non-locals. The restaurant has received good response from the customers for his authentic and original delicate.

The founder of Yan Xiang Restaurant, Mr. Eddie Pay Ah Guan (49 years old), initially worked in agricultural field before stepping into the F&B industry in 2016. He had been helping his family to operate their family operated coffee shop since he was still studying in his primary school which had increased his interest and exposure in the F&B industry. Having great interest in food and experience in seafood soup, Mr. Eddie has taken the opportunity to start operating this restaurant to let the customers know more about his healthy seafood soup not only to the locals, but also the non-locals as well.

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Mr. Eddie Pay, who has spotted the market potential to spread and expand the seafood soup, decided to start his very first owned Yan Xiang Restaurant in Sutera Utama, Johor in the year 2016. He is the sole owner of the restaurant and has longed for expanding his career into every part of Malaysia.

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Eddie’s first recommended food will be the signature “Seafood Noodle”. The seafood noodle is basically combined with its seafood soup and noodles. The main attraction of this seafood noodle is the specially boiled seafood soup which is mixed with 7 main ingredients and boiled for 3 hours before it is ready to be served. The 8 ingredients contain clams, sea prawn, fish maw, fishball, fish cake, fresh sliced fish, and cuttlefish and they are used to boiled for 3 hours to give the strong fresh and delicious flavour of seafood soup. In order to ensure the consistent quality of the seafood soup, Mr. Eddie will monitor the whole process from the preparation of ingredients to boiling the soup. The seafood soup is then mixed with selected noodles to increase the texture of the seafood noodles.

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Second recommended selection is the “Fried Sliced Fish Noodles”. Besides using the same seafood soup base as the foundation, Mr. Eddie also added fried sliced fish, salted vegetables, tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce and selected noodles. This is to enhance the flavour of the fish and the soup base. Carnation milk (evaporated milk) is optional and added to give a mild milk flavour to the fried sliced fish noodles.e third recommended selection will be the “Mixed Pork Noodle”. The emphasis of this mixed pork noodle is the pork flavour. The ingredients include lean meat, meatball, intestines, liver, sliced pork. All the ingredients are added into the seafood soup base to increase the pork flavour and the chewy pork texture is the main reason the regulars prefer to enjoy eating in Yan Xiang Restaurant.


 Yan Xiang Restaurant

Address: 95, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2,

Taman Sutera Utama,

81300 Skudai, Johor

Business Hours: 10am – 9.30pm (Tuesday – Sunday)

(Closed on every Monday)


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