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“Yong Tau Foo”, which is one of the traditional eatery taken by the chinese religious since decade ago originated from China made on respective recipes by the Hakka, Hokkien, Cantonese etc.  Nowadays been favourite by most of the local Singaporeans and visitors when reached this lion city.  Here we have found and successfully recognised the best yong tau foo “Fei Zai” running by Mr. Leong Lu Pin in Ulu Tiram, Johor.

Mr. Leong Lu Pin is the owner and founder of “Fei Zai Yong Tau Foo”. He has been serving all sorts of handmade Yong Tau Foo received from his mother to all the customers, local and non-local. This restaurant has received positive response from the customers.

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Mr. Leong Lu Pin was born in 1991 at Kota Tinggi, Johor. He first came into contact with F&B industry when he was 12 years old, helping his mother in her mixed rice stall in Kota Tinggi. His mother, who has more than 25 years of experience in cooking, knows how to cook various types of delicacies such as Bak Kuh Teh, mixed rice and Yong Tau Foo as well. Before Mr. Leong was born, his mother was a Bak Kuh Teh specialist, selling the delicacy to the customers. Later, she moved to open her own mixed rice stall with the help of Mr. Leong. Years later, having great interest in Yong Tau Foo, she began making and selling it. When Mr. Leong was 15, it was his first exposure to Yong Tau Foo. Having great interest in it, he began learning everything about Yong Tau Foo from scrap to becoming specialist. At the age of 21, he went to pursue his tertiary education for two years. As in 2017, after working in Singapore for 3 years and having enough confidence and wishing to let more people know about his mother’s homemade Yong Tau Foo, he decided to operate his own restaurant here in Taman Gaya, Ulu Tiram.

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The first recommended food in “Fei Zai” is Laksa. The laksa paste did not come from the supplier but rather being self made by the owner himself. The ingredients include shrimp, dried chillies, coconut milk and other secret ingredients. It takes at least 5 hours to prepare the laksa paste. The mixed ingredients are then fried and boiled for at least 30 minutes before it is presented to the customers. This strong spiced and spicy laksa, along with the fresh shrimp taste, has become one of the customers’ favourite.

The next recommended food is Chee Cheong Fun. The sauce is completely homemade, which takes two and half hour to prepare it. The sweet homemade sauce when mixed with the Chee Cheong Fun, brings out the combination of sweet flavour and smooth texture.

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Other than that, the owner also recommended his “Claypot Ginger Duck”. Necessary ingredients include ginger, seasoner, duck meat and other undisclosed recipe. It takes at least an hour to braise the ginger duck. The claypot is heated and the ginger duck is then poured into the claypot and it is ready to be served. This delicious meal has a spicy and salty taste and the texture of the duck is soft and moist.

The owner also recommended his homemade “Dry sauce”. The sauce is made from adding seasoner to the chicken soup base and boiled for 30 minutes. The sauce will then become sticky and gooey and bring out the sweet and salty flavour which is best to be eaten with Yong Tau Foo.

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In “Fei Zai Yong Tau Foo”, there are at least 8 selections which are available in the restaurant.The two main ingredients are pork and fish. To prepare this, the pork and fish are both cut and blended until they become fine. The mixed meat is then stuffed into the vegetable cavity with a spoon or a knife. Among the popular Yong Tau Foo are chillies, Bittergourd, brinjal, ladies’ fingers and fried meatball. The two broths, soup and laksa, are optional depending on the customer preference. In addition, the Yong Tau Foo also comes in fried and boiled method.

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Our Yong Tau Foo specialist “Fei Zai” serves all delicious Yong Tau Foo to all customers and has received good response from them. Do have a try to the restaurant here in 23, Jalan Gaya 27, Taman Gaya, Johor.


 Fei Zai Yong Tau Foo

23, Jalan Gaya 27,

Taman Gaya,

81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor


Operating hours:

10.00am – 9.00pm (Weekdays)

9.00am – 9.00pm (Weekends)

( Closed on every MONDAY )







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