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Being famously known “Wonton Mee” by the locals in our nation which practised decade ago commonly by chinese religious recently still frequently found and to be one of the chinese favourite eatery easily find everywhere in respective recipes. Here in Bandar Permas Jaya, Johor, we have discovered and recognised the noodles specialist “Yi Ji Noodle House”.

Ms. Wong Lee Hong is the owner and founder of “Yi Ji Noodle House”. She has been operating the restaurant since 2010, serving the noodles delicacies to all the customers, local and non-locals. It has received positive response from the customers for its reasonable price and variety of noodles sold.

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Ms. Wong Lee Hong was born in 1955 at Paloh, Johor. She first stepped into the F&B industry when she was still a teenager, selling food such as laksa, yong tau foo and snacks. After selling the food for several months, she stopped the business until 2010, when she decided to operate her own restaurant here in Permas Jaya, Johor.

Ms. Soh Szi Chen (born in 1995), the daughter of Ms. Wong, was born in Johor Bahru. At the age of 19, after she graduated from secondary school, she started helping her mother in her restaurant. It was also at that moment where she began her path as a chef and began learning everything about cooking from her mother. Abandoned her desire to pursue the tertiary education, she is now one of the important partners in “Yi Ji Noodle House”.

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The first recommended food in “Yi Ji” is its “Signature Wonton Mee”. The ingredients include fried wonton, Char Siew, lard and onions. The easiest way to prepare this is to cook the noodles and mix it with oil and soy sauce to blackened the noodles. The fried wonton, char siew and onions are then placed onto the noodles and it is ready to be served. It has a combination of sweet and savoury taste and the noodles has a soft texture. As for the soup, it needs at least one hour to cook and boil the soup. The chicken meat and bones and fish meat are used to cook this soup. This traditional wonton mee is one of the top favourites among the regulars.

The next recommended food is the “Curry Chicken”. The curry paste requires ingredients such as curry powder, pandan leaves, coconut milk and chillies to complete. The ingredients are fried for at least an hour and the chicken is then only put to fry for another half an hour. This curry tastes spicy, strong in curry flavour, and the coconut milk makes the whole curry taste fresh. The curry chicken when bitten, has a soft and juicy texture. The curry chicken does come with rice or noodles and it is completely optional.

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The third recommended food is “Nasi Lemak”. When it comes to Nasi Lemak, the main ingredients include the fried peanuts, fried egg, fried anchovies (fried fish), sliced cucumber, fried chicken, fried wonton and the homemade sambal. The sambal did not come from the supplier, but rather homemade. Onions, garlic, sugar, chillies sauce and fried anchovies are cooked together for an amount of time until the sauce becomes thick and the sambal is ready. The sambal has a spicy and sweet taste. In overall, the deep fried crispy drumstick chicken, the sweet and spicy sambal, and the delicate rice make the whole “Nasi Lemak” taste perfect and delicious.

The owners also recommended their “Pork Noodles”. Unlike the Wonton Mee, the noodles used in this meal is slightly thicker and chewy. After cooking the noodles, it is then topped with sliced pork, pork liver, fried wonton and some onions. This pork noodles is best tasted with their shrimp sambal (not the one used in Nasi Lemak). The sliced pork and pork liver, when dipped with the sauce, has a spicy and sweet flavour.


Last but not least, the owners recommended the “Chives Dumplings”. This pork and chives wrapped dumplings are cooked and the soup base is poured into the bowl. It is then topped with fried onions and spring onions and this juicy and tender chives dumplings are completed. It has a strong fresh chives taste and the mouthful of pork is the perfect snack for the customers.

Our noodles specialist “Yi Ji” has served all various types of food to the customers. Do pay a visit at the restaurant here in Bandar Permas Jaya, Johor.



Yi Ji Noodle House

No.6, Jalan Permas 9/3,

Bandar Permas Jaya, Johor


Operating Hours : 8.30am – 4.00pm

( Closed on alternate TUESDAY )


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