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In the South Malaysia, there is one of the local’s traditional eatery among those delicacies “Mee Hun Kueh”, also known “Pan Mee” in other states being years favourite by the Johoreans and visitors. Here in Johor Bahru, there are more than hundred of mee hun kueh noodle houses which presenting on respective recipes. This time, we have successfullydiscovered and recognised “Restoran Bahau Mee Hun Kuey” operated by the couples Mr. Lee and Ms. Sum in Taman Molek.

Mr. Lee Kock Wah and Ms. Sum Yoke Kin are the founders and owners of “Restoran Bahau Mee Hun Kuey”. They have been operating the restaurant since 2015 and it has since received positive response from the customers for its delicious mee hun kuey and tastes exactly like mother’s recipe.

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Mr. Lee Kock Wah was born in 1969 at Negeri Sembilan. He first stepped into the F&B industry when he was 40 years old, operating a mee hun kuey stall at Taman Megaria for 3 years. It was only until 2015 when he decided to operate a mee hun kuey restaurant in Taman Molek.

Ms. Sum Yoke Kin, the partner of Mr. Lee, originated from Negeri Sembilan (born in 1976). She was first exposed to F&B industry when she was 25. Being completely inexperience in the industry, she started to learn everything about mee hun kuey from scratch. Under the guidance from friends and customers, she began to excel in cooking mee hun kuey and had become well experienced in it. In 2015, with the help of her husband, she decided to start her very own mee hun kuey restaurant.

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The owners’ first recommended mee hun kuey will be its “Traditional Mee Hun Kuey”. The sweet and fresh soup base requires at least 5 ingredients to cook and takes around 5 hours before the customers are able to enjoy it. The mee hun kuey is completely handmade without using any machines or tools. This makes the texture of the mee hun kuey more chewy and doughy. The noodles is then topped with vegetables, sliced pork, fishballs, meatball, and fried fish (anchovies) and it is ready to be served.

The next recommended noodles is “Fish Mee Hun Kuey”. By using the same soup base, their special fried fish is topped on the mee hun kuey. The texture of the fried fish is soft and a little crispy. This is a healthy and simple meal and it is highly recommended by the owners to the customers.

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Besides that, the owners also recommended its “Mixed Pork Mee Hun Kuey”. The main ingredients include sliced pork, pork liver, pork intestine and meatballs. After cooking the noodles, the mixed pork are then topped on the noodles and then added some vegetables and fried anchovies to strengthen the flavour. Those who enjoy eating the inner parts of the pork can come and have a try.


The fourth recommended noodles in “Prawn Mee Hun Kuey”. All the prawns are fresh and bought from the market everyday. Other than the fresh prawns, there is also a sliced abalone topped on the noodles. It takes around 3 minutes to prepare this whole meal. Although the soup base used is the same, the fresh prawns and abalone, when cooked together with the soup, have enhanced the flavour of the soup to make it fresh and sweet.

Last but not least, those who are indecisive of the selections can definitely try the “Da Tuan Yuan”, or “The Reunion”. Everything that you want to eat, such as sliced pork, fresh prawns, abalone, fried fish, meatballs, pork liver, fishballs and pork intestine can be found inside this order. This unconventional noodles have also been one of the regulars’ favourite.


Our mee hun kuey specialist “Restoran Bahau Mee Hun Kuey” serves various types of mee hun kuey to the customers, local and non-locals. Come and visit it at 36, Jalan Molek 2, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.


Restoran Bahau Mee Hun Kuey

36, Jalan Molek 2,

Taman Molek,

81100 Johor Bahru, Johor


Operating hours: 10.00am – 9.00pm

( Closed on every SATURDAY )





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