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In the South Malaysia, there is one of the local’s traditional eatery among those delicacies “Mee Hun Kueh”, also known “Pan Mee” in other states being years favourite by the Johoreans and visitors. Here in Johor Bahru, there are more than hundred of mee hun kueh noodle houses which presenting on respective recipes. This time, we have successfullydiscovered and recognised the family operated “Lew Noodles Village” in Taman Setia Indah.

Ms. Chin Nyuk Yin is the owner and founder of “Lew Noodles Village”. She has been operating this restaurant since 2007 and has received positive response from the customers.

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Ms. Chin Nyuk Yin was born in 1952 at Ipoh, Perak. She first stepped into the F&B industry when she was 30 years old, making pastry for 12 years. She later moved to Johor Bahru to sell Mee Hun Kuey for 7 years at Taman Ungku Tun Aminah. At 2007, she decided to open her first restaurant at Taman Setia Indah.

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The first recommended food is “Hakka Fried Pork Mee”. The noodles is completely homemade which gives a better “Q” texture. After the noodles is cooked, it is then topped with marinated fried pork, fried anchovies, and onions. The fried pork has a savoury and the crispy texture makes it even more delicious.

The second recommended food is “Curry Chicken”. There are at least 10 ingredients used to prepare the curry paste and the mixture is cooked for 2 hours before it is added with water and coconut milk. The curry itself is not spicy which is suitable for all customers and the chicken, which has absorbed all the flavour of the curry, makes it softer and juicy. The potato also has a soft texture. The noodles is optional for the customers.


The next recommended food is “Mushroom Minced Pork Mee”. The mushrooms are first boiled with hot water and then fried and finally steamed for 2 hours. The minced pork is mixed with 3 types of seasonings before it is fried. The cooked handmade noodles is then topped with the minced pork, mushrooms, onions and fried anchovies and it is ready to be served. The savoury pork, mushrooms and mouthful of noodles make it one of the top favourites among the customers.


The fourth recommended food is “Mee Hun Kueh”. The ingredients include fried anchovies, mee hun kueh, fishball, meatball and vegetables, fried onions and cloud ear fungus. The soup base is cooked for 5 hours with pork bones, soybean, fried anchovies and black pepper. The noodles has a “Q” texture and the soup has a sweet taste.


Last but not least, the owner also recommended her “Fried Sliced Fish Mee”. the fresh fish is added with black pepper, salt and cassava powder and deep fried to make it crispy. The cooked noodles is added with the fried fish, fried anchovies, tomatoes, and vegetables.

Our noodles specialist “Lew Noodles Village” serves not only noodles, but also other delicacies to all the customers. Do pay a visit at No. 38-01 Jalan Setia 3/7, Taman Setia Indah, Johor Bahru.



Lew Noodle Village

No. 38 – 01 Jalan Setia 3/7

Taman Setia Indah

81100, Johor Bahru, Johor.


Operating hours: 8.00am – 2.00pm

( Closed on every MONDAY )




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