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“Hainanese Beef Noodles”, also known Beef Brisket / Beef Belly noodles which totally different from Taiwanese & Cantonese Beef Noodles found in the nations, now being one of the local’s favourite and traditional authentic eatery wanted by the locals and visitors when reached Malaysia. Here at Petaling Jaya (SS24), we found and successfully recognised the best Hainanese Beef Noodles in town “Cow Brother” carried by the Sum family in 2-generations.

The Negeri Sembilan originated couple Mr. Sum Chan Kong (born 1970), together with his wife Ms. Maggie Chong Fei Li (born 1976) both were the initial founders and immediate owners of this recommended “Cow Brother” Authentic Hainanese Beef Brisket & Belly Noodles presenting all their home recipe menus to the market in 5 locations within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor since year 2011, having great response from the public.

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Maggie Chong Fei Li, who also the recipe’s maker, at her only 42nd recently, all the while was a housewife having great culinary skills & interest in eatery initially touched the f&b industry in year 2003 at her 27th of age running her mobile snack-foods business at Seremban spent more than 5 years in the career. Her favourites in beef noodles, recipes hold and supports from husband Chan Kong allowed them reached Kepong, Kuala Lumpur in year 2011 began their very first owned beef noodles foodcourt stall named “Cow Brother”, then moved to Sungai Buloh and finally stayed at Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya after 2 years in 2013 further their exposure in the career.

While their eldest daughter Ivonne Sum Yian Fei (born 1997) and son Caesar Sum Shi Xiong (born 1998) both touched the family’s career since kids helping parents in their noodle stall had also fully stepped into the industry in 2014 and 2016 respectively enabled “Cow Brother” to expose further holding another 4 stalls in Subang USJ Taipan (2016), Sungai Buloh (2017), Tropicana City (2017) & Sri Damansara (2018) respectively serving all their home recipe authentic hainanese beef noodles to the locals in manner.

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Here at “Cow Brother”, the founders’ first top recommended in menus surely will be their Authentic Hainanese “Dry Beef Brisket Noodles” which prepared in traditional recipes. Rice-made rough round noodles (Lai Fun) boil-cooked, mixed with their homemade gravy sauce from more than 10 ingredients mixture taste exotic, then served with home recipe marinated beef brisket / belly, stomach, tendon and topped of peanuts, sesame seeds & salted veges, finally sided with a bowl of their in-house overnight boiled soup base with beef mixtures & bones brings excellent beef freshness taste swallowed into mouth you must try.

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Secondly will be their “Beef Mix Soup” which among the Cow Brother’s signature favourite by the visitors recently. Local fresh beef mix such meats, tendon, stomach, belly and brisket marinated whole day long in their secret recipes, boil-cooked then served in their home-cooked beef soup base brings exotic beef taste and meat’s texture in bites you will never regret after tasted. Especially their famous beef brisket / belly’s chewing bites & taste into mouth you cannot aside.


Beside beef mix, both owners also taken this opportunity to introduce their in-house handmade “Cow Brother Beef Meat Balls” which among the stall’s daily top seller most wanted by their regulars. Also being prepared only once in 2 days, with limited serves daily. Their huge size beef meat balls boil-cooked in minutes then served also in their home soup base brings unbelievable meat ball’s texture and juicy in bites you really cannot missed when stepped towards this “Cow Brother” Authentic Hainanese Beef Noodles in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

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Address: (Main Stall)

No. 1,

Jalan SS24/11,

Taman Megah,

47301 Petaling Jaya,


(Outlet Stalls)

- Subang USJ Taipan

- Sungai Buloh

- Tropicana City

- Sri Damansara

Business Hours: 7:30am to 3:00pm (Daily)



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