TASTE THE 100% HOMEMADE (PORK FREE) “PIN KA” YONG TAU FU @ Sunway Mentari, Selangor

April 3, 2018 Restaurants



“Yong Tau Fu”, which been decade among the famous Hakka’s traditional eatery favourite by the locals, also recently being practised everywhere all presented on respective recipes. Here in Sunway, Petaling Jaya we found and successfully recognised the best (Pork Free) Hakka’s authentic homemade yong tau fu serving by “Pin Ka” all prepared with 100% fresh home-made fish paste brought into the market since year 2017.

The Selangor originated Mr. Ben Hew Mum Hoong (born 1992), was the initial founder and current owner of this recommended “Pin Ka Yong Tau Fu” eating house at Bandar Sunway introducing their home recipe Yong Tau Fu selections and other signature menus to the locals and visitors under a roof. All served in “Pork Free”, having great response from the market.


Ben Hew, at his age of only 26 years old, who grown up in a f&b family all the while having great interest in eatery & chefing. Also with the positive motivation given by his father, late Mr. Hew Kin You (who was an experienced chinese cuisine Chef) and mother Madam Chin Kim Ngan made Ben recruited himself into the culinary institution in USJ (Subang) spent his 2 years to graduate. Later-on Ben Hew been fully stepped into the f&b industry with his first employment in Sunway Hotel at his early twenties began as a trainee chef.

While in year 2013, Ben reached Singapore to further his exposure in the field also being positioned as Chief Chef after 2 years at his 23rd of age. With his ambitious to expose further in the career, foreseen the market opportunity in f&b industry, added with his vision to introduce most of his family’s authentic signatures to the public  allowed Ben successfully established his very first owned eating house at Mentari Business Park, Sunway officially named “Pin Ka Yong Tau Fu” in year 2017. Also assisted by best friends of him Andrew Gan & Kenny Chin.

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In “Pin Ka”, the founder Ben’s very first top recommended among menus surely will be their (Pork Free) “Homemade Yong Tau Fu”. All yong tau fu prepared with 100% fresh fish paste made in-house, in choices such as chilli, bittergourd, egg-plant, dried beancurd (tau pok), mushroom, long beans, white water beancurd & beancurd sheet mostly ready in deep-fried, then served either in their home soup base 4-hours boiled with fish & chicken bones, soy beans and ikan bilis. Or to be served in their signature laksa soup which boiled from their home-prepared laksa paste that you must try.  Especially the yong tau fu selections which brings best freshness taste and excellent bite’s texture into mouth.

Secondly will be the perfect match taken with their homemade yong tau fu, the “Signature Salted Egg Sauce Chicken Cutlet Chee Cheong Fun”. Selected chicken fillet marinated overnight with their 9 spices mixture, prepared in deep fried, served topped onto flat rice-made noodles (chee cheong fun), then poured onto with their in-house home recipe salted egg yolk creamy sauce and topped with some curry leafs will be the best combination. This brings exotic sweet & salty taste which you never regret after tasted, neither found better elsewhere in town.

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Another will be their “Signature Curry Laksa Chicken Noodles”, which among the restaurant’s daily top seller most wanted by the visitors. Curry paste homemade with more than 10 ingredients mixture, boil-cooked into creamy curry laksa soup base, served mixed into noodles (choices on customer’s request), finally topped with their home recipe curry chicken, fresh cockles, beansprouts, dried beancurd (tau pok) & long beans. It brings a complete bowl of the Pin Ka’s signature curry laksa chicken noodles which you cannot aside. Especially the creamy laksa soup’s exotic taste swallowed into and the curry chicken bites texture that favourite by their regulars.


Nonetheless, the owner Ben Hew also taken the opportunity to introduce at his dessert corner “Signature Longan Luo Hon Guo Jelly”, which best taken after meal here. Home-freezed longan & luo hon guo jelly served with longan fruit and luo hon guo fruit, then topped with ‘gei zi’ & white fungus shredded really brings unbelievable appertising cold dessert which you cannot missed after taken meal here in “Pin Ka Yong Tau Fu” eating house at Mentari Business Park (Sunway Mentari), Petaling Jaya.



Address: No. 9,

Ground Floor,

Jalan PJS 8/17,

Mentari Business Park,

46150 Petaling Jaya,


(Sunway Mentari)


Business Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm (Daily)

(Rest-time from 3:00pm to 5:00pm)


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