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“Sea Prawn”, which most wanted by locals and visitors when reaching our nation, also one of the must eat seafood selection in a seafood restaurant all being served in respective recipes. Here at Happy Garden (Taman Gembira), we have successfully found and being recognised the best home sauce pan-fried sea prawn carried by “CST Restaurant” running by a local’s couple into their 20th years.

The Kuala Lumpur local originated Ah Choong (born 1973), together with his wife Ms. Yap Sien Toh (born 1973) both were the founders and immediate owners of this recommended chinese & seafood cuisine eating place “CST Restaurant” along Jalan Lazat, Off Jalan Klang Lama introducing their signature Pan-Fried Ming Prawn and other home recipe menus to the market since year 1999, having great response from the public recently.


Ah Choong, who at his age of 45 years old currently, initially stepped into the f&b industry at his 26th began his very first and only eating place at Happy Garden serving his home made Bak Kut Teh as main in year 1999, also being assisted by wife Sien Toh running their “CST Restaurant” spent about 12 years in the field. On the market demand, added with their great interest to shift towards the local’s most wanted & favourite chinese & seafood selections, also being passed onto recipes by an experienced Chef Master (a friend of them) allowed them totally stepped into the Chinese Seafood field in year 2012 introducing all their signature menus under the same roof in manner.


At CST Restaurant, the owner’s first top recommended in menus surely will be their “Signature Home Sauce Pan-Fried Sea Prawn”. Fresh local ‘Ming Prawn’ selected, pan-fried for minutes then served poured with their home sauce which made from 8 ingredients mixture brings excellent prawn freshness and exotic salty taste you must try here.  Especially the prawn meat’s texture itself in bites and the best combination with their in-house sauce taken into mouth.


Secondly will be their “Nyonya Steamed Fish / Seafood”, which also among their restaurant’s top signature selection most wanted by the visitors. Seafood such as fish, prawn or squid commonly selected on customer’s request, prepared in steam-cooked then served topped with their wonderful homemade nyonya sauce paste made with combination of more than 10 ingredients mixture brings appertising sour & spicy taste that you never regret after tasted. Especially for those who like spicy, also the seafood freshness into mouth you cannot aside.


While in pork corner you can have their “Signature Tung Po Yuk”, which is their regular’s favourite among their chinese cuisine menu selection. Local fresh belly pork selected, prepared in huge cube-size, stewed in hour with their home recipes and rock sugar then finally served sided with veges brings unbelievable belly meat’s texture in bites and the exotic sweet taste you neither found better in town.


Nonetheless, the owners also take the opportunity to introduce their signature home recipe beancurd called “Volcano Taufu”, also among the restaurant’s daily top seller. Beancurd prepared in deep fried, then served topped with their in-house minced pork combination, and poured onto with their home soy sauce mixture brings the best eatery you really cannot missed when stepped into this recognised “CST Restaurant” along Jalan Lazat at Happy Garden (Taman Gembira), Kuala Lumpur.



Address: No.18,

Block C,

Pusat Penjaja,

Jalan Lazat 1,

Taman Gembira,

Off Jalan Klang Lama,

Kuala Lumpur.


Business Hours: 11:00am to 3:00pm

5:00pm to 11:00pm



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