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Talking about lamb or mutton, the lamb chop, roasted lamb or braised lamb shank are those frequently being practiced and served by restaurants on respective recipes. But here at Bandar Kinrara, Puchong we found and successfully recognised the first leading lamb/mutton noodles specialist “Grandpa Lamb Noodle” eating house introducing their very authentic menus to the public by the youngster.

The local originated Dato Aaron Tan Hong Lim who born in year 1990, was the immediate founder, together with sister Rain Tan Gok Ying (born 1986) both are the recent owners of this best recommended “Grandpa Lamb Noodle Restaurant” in Puchong, Selangor presenting all their homemade lamb noodle selections menu to the locals and visitors under a roof, having great response from the market currently.

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Dato Aaron Tan who at his age of only 28 recently, been initially stepped into the f&b industry since his 16th in year 2006 began as kitchen trainee in a chinese dim sum restaurant at Puchong, Selangor spent his 6 years in the career. With his great interest in eatery & chefing, added with the generations lamb soup home recipe passed-onto from his China (Beijing) Master enabled Dato Aaron Tan hold the very authentic traditional lamb noodle recipes later-on.

With the vision to have his very own restaurant, wishing to further expose his career in the field and forseen the lamb noodle’s market opportunity in the f&b industry allowed Dato Aaron Tan bodied-up with his sister Rain Tan (who was experienced in beverage career), successfully established their very owned eating house named “Grandpa Lamb Noodle Restaurant” in year 2018 at Bandar Kinrara, Puchong serving most of their signature home recipe lamb noodle selections.

In this Grandpa Lamb Noodle house, the founder’s first top recommended in menus surely will be their “Traditional Original Lamb Noodle”. Home soup base boiled at least 8 hours with lamb bones & meats mixed into 4 secret spices mixture, then into fresh raw lamb ribs, stomach, mutton & white carrots, finally served with noodles option on customer’s request topped with cooked mutton pieces, lamb ribs, lamb stomach slices and veges sided brings a complete bowl of their signature lamb noodles you must try. Especially the lamb freshness in soup when swallowed and the meat’s texture itself in bites.

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Secondly will be their “Spicy Soup Lamb Noodle”, which favourite by those who like spicy. In-house prepared soup base boil-cooked with home recipe spicy paste, mixed into white carrots, lotus roots and veges, then served topped with combination of mutton, lamb rib & stomach brings exotic slight spicy and wonderful appertising taste that suits to the Malaysia’s locals you will never regret after tasted here.

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Another will be their “Herbs Soup Lamb Noodle”, which among the restaurant’s daily top seller recently. Also the in-house lamb soup base selected, boiled mixed with another 3-hours boiled  herbals soup, served with noodle selections then topped onto mutton, lamb rib & stomach brings obvious but smooth herbal taste and lamb freshness you cannot aside. According to the owners, this bowl of herbs soup lamb noodle will also brings healthy eatery from time to time after taken.


Nonetheless, in order to various the choices and to serve more special taste to the visitors, the founder Dato Aaron Tan also taken the opportunity to introduce his very new creation “ABC Lamb Noodle” that matching with the local’s favourite. ABC soup which prepared few hours boiled mixed with tomato, potato, carrot & onion, served with same combination of lambs & muttons topped onto brings another freshness sweet taste you really cannot missed when stepped into this first leading “Grandpa Lamb Noodle Restaurant” at Bandar Kinrara, Puchong.




Address: No. 16-G,

Jalan BK 5A/2C,

Bandar Kinrara,

47180 Puchong,



Business Hours: 8:00am to 3:00pm

6:00pm to 9:00pm (Daily)

(Closed on Monday)



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