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“Bittergourd”, which recently since beginning millenium year being among the favourite eatery taken by the nation’s locals, also being practised by most of the chinese cuisine restaurants all on respective recipes believed that brings positive health to human body. Here at Taman Damai Utama, we found and being recognised the best in town Salted Egg Bittergourd carried by the Tan family in “FS Seafood Restaurant”.

The couple Ms. Lily Loh Saw Eng (born 1974) and husband Mr. Tan Swee Teong (born 1973), both together with their daughter Angel Tan Gaik Lean (born 1994) are the initial and immediate owners of this recommended “FS Seafood Restaurant” eating house at Puchong, Selangor introducing their signature crispy salted egg bittergourd and other fresh local & imported seafood selections to the public under a roof since mid-2017.

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Lily Loh who at her only 44th currently, was grown-up in a f&b family being touched the industry since teenage helping in her parent’s noodle stall. While husband Swee Teong who only at hos 45th today also the generation from family’s kopitiam career having interest in eatery previously running their couple’s very owned kopitiam (chinese coffee shop) at Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru for about 10 years before entering the seafood supplies industry in Kuala Lumpur in year 2013.

With the vision to further expose their career in the industry, also having advantages grabbed in seafood supplies plus their interest in eatery all the while, enabled the couple bodied-up with their daughter Angel Tan successfully established their seafood house named “FS Seafood Restaurant” along Jalan DU1, Puchong serving all their chef’s home recipe signature menus in manner. Also having great response from the locals & visitors recently.

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Firstly in this FS Seafood eating house, the owners’ top recommended in menus will be their best recognised exotic crispy “Salted Egg Bittergourd”. Fresh local bittergourd prepared in cutted slices, followed by deep fried in recipe flour coated, then stired in seconds mixed with their homemade salted egg yolk paste brings excellent exotic salty & crispy eatery you must try when reached Puchong, Selangor. Especially the crispy bites texture on bittergourd slices after deep-fried and the fair salted egg yolk taste into mouth neither found better elsewhere.

Secondly will be among the restaurant’s top signature menu favourite by visitors, their “3-Taste Meat Crab”. Indonesia imported meat crab selected with recommended on about 400gsm per single, boil-cooked then served after stir-fried with their 3-taste recipes in mixtures of wet butter milk, lime & chilli padi will brings unbelievable appertising and smooth sweet, sour & spicy taste you will never regret after tasted. The obvious crab’s freshness itself and crab meat’s bites texture into mouth you should like it, which is the best in town according to the restaurant’s owners.

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Another will be their special made “Soup-Base Seafood Pot”, which also among the restaurant’s top seller most wanted by their regulars. Fish options on customer’s request, with the combination of fresh Lala clams, needle mushrooms, winter melon and veges being served boiled in pot of their in-house prepared few-hours cooked soup base (made from mixtures of chicken, ikan bilis, soy beans etc), brings wonderful seafood freshness taste you cannot aside. And also the seafood’s exotic eatery itself being served mixed into the authentic soup base ready.

Nonetheless, the owners also taken this opportunity to introduce other than seafood corner, their signature “Salad Pork Ribs” that differ from the others in town. Proper standard square-sized pork ribs selected, floured-up followed with deep-fried, then seconds stir-fried with their home recipe salad sauce brings chewing bites on meats and fair exotic sweet salad taste into mouth you really cannot missed when stepped into this recommended “FS Seafood Restaurant” at Taman Damai Utama, Puchong (Selangor).





Address: No. 24,

Ground Floor,

Jalan DU 1,

Taman Damai Utama,

47100 Puchong,



Business Hours: 12:30pm to 10:30pm (Daily)

(Closed on Alternate Wednesday)


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