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“Hakka Noodles”, which holding a decade history as among the Hakka’s traditional eatery taken by the locals now being favourites by the public, and bringing into the market by restaurants on respective recipes. In Johor Bahru, we successfully found and have being recognised the best homemade Hakka Noodles carried by Chong family in “Wei Seng” going into their 15th calender year in the south.

The Seremban (Negeri Sembilan) originated Mr. Chong Heng Meng (born 1953), was the immediate founder. Together with his family members Chua Guat Cheu, Ng Seow Ying and son Xanthus Chong Chuk Seng (born 1998) running their very owned noodle house “Wei Seng Wan Tan Mee” at Taman Melodies since year 2004. Serving their homemade Hakka Mee and other noodles menu to the locals and visitors, having great response from the market recently leads to be recognised among the best.

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Chong Heng Meng, who at his age of 65 years old currently, was previously all the while in Automobile Industry. With his interest in eatery and f&b, also wishing to bring his hometown Seremban’s authentic traditional Hakka noodle’s recipe into the town allowed him in year 2004 stepped into the f&b career and established his very first noodle house named “Wei Seng Wan Tan Mee” along Jalan Geronggang, Johor Bahru introducing his self-studies Hakka Mee and Wantan Noodles to the locals.

After more than 10 years exposed in the field, also with the vision to further his exposure in f&b industry, added with the assistance by family members made Heng Meng moved his noodle house into bigger & more convenience space lot with area unchanged in year 2017 to serve their customers in better manner. Also hoping his son Xanthus Chong to be the next (2nd) generation continue the career, who being touched the industry since kids helping parents in the noodle house.


In Wei Seng restaurant, the founder’s first top recommended in menus surely will be their “Authentic Hakka Noodles” or locally known Hakka Mee. Selected egg-made thinner flat flour noodles (Mee Pok), boil-cooked in a minute, mixed with their home recipe white broth sauce, then served topped with in-house fried minced pork prepared after whole day marinated with recipes and finally sided with their hand-wrapped deep fried pork dumpling (Wantan) will be the best in town you must try, especially the mee pok’s bites texture itself. For those who take vinegar also strongly recommended by the restaurant’s founder to pour slight portion mixed into this Hakka Mee brings you excellent exotic taste eatery.


Secondly will be their Cantonese style “Wantan Mee”, which all the while favourite by the locals. Unlike the others, more tiny round egg-made flour noodles selected here (Wei Seng), boil-cooked then mixed with either white or black sauce options on customer’s request, served topped with sliced char siew (Roasted Pork) and sided with a bowl of boiled pork wantan brings a complete set of traditional cantonese wantan mee that you cannot aside.


Moreover, their home recipe “Rough Noodles” or known in Cantonese as “Lai Fan” also among the noodle house’s daily top seller most wanted by the visitors. Rice-made noodles in rough-round figures, mixed with their in-house soy sauce mixture recipes then served topped with char siew slices and homemade minced pork you will never regret after tasted here, neither found better in town.


Lastly too, the owner Heng Meng also taken this opportunity to introduce their signature “Hakka Needle Noodles” which served using round-short rice-made noodles, mixed with their home prepared broth sauce from fried minced pork, also sided with their home fried crispy deep-fried pork wantan brings the best matching you really cannot missed when stepped into this being recognised & recommended Hakka noodle house specialist “Wei Seng Wan Tan Mee” at Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru.



Address: No. 19,

Jalan Geronggang,

Taman Melodies,

80250 Johor Bahru,



Business Hours: 7:15am to 3:00pm (Daily)

(Closed on Wednesday)


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