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“Nyonya Curry Fish Head”, which famously taken as traditional delicacy eatery also favourite by the visitors, especially at those local’s Peranakan territory in Penang & Melaka being nowadays practiced throughout the nation. Here in Johor Bahru, we found and successfully recognised among the best authentic nyonya curry fish head recipes carried by Tan family in “Mui Seng” at Johor since year 1985, also into the next generation recently.

The local originated Mr. Tan Mui Seng (born 1944), together with his wife Madam Wong Chew Hoe @ Wong Ah Soo (from Penang, born 1947) were the initial founders of the 30 years “Mui Seng Fish Head Curry” all the while serving their home recipe in the south. Currently being passed onto their next generation elder daughter Stephanie Tan Siew Heok (born 1968) and younger son Tan Kar Boon (born 1972) both are the current immediate owners of this recommended “Mui Seng Nyonya Curry Fish Head” restaurant at Taman Melodies continue serving their family’s home recipes to the market into specialized eating house.

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The founders Mui Seng and wife Chew Hoe, whose in year 1985 began their very first eating lot at Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru spent their about 7 years (1985-1992) there introducing their nyonya curry fish head & other signature menus to the locals. Then being located in a foodcourt running a store for another 3 years to 1995. Later-on, the Tan couple moved their foodstall to Taman Molek with more focused on their curry fish head named “Mui Seng” operated 9 years (1995-2004) there before established their restaurant “Mui Seng Fish Head Curry” at Johor Jaya (2004-2006).

Due to circumstances, they then stayed 12 years exposed back into a foodstall in a coffee house at Taman Melodies where being re-nowned to the public in between 2006 to 2018. Stephanie Tan and brother Kar Boon who all the while helping parents in the career with the vision to further their exposure in the f&b industry, foreseen the market opportunity in the field and wishing to continue their mother’s home recipes enabled them took up the responsibility as 2nd generation then successfully established their very specialized restaurant registered “Mui Seng Nyonya Curry Fish Head” in year 2018 along Jalan Beringin, Taman Melodies still presenting their family’s 30 years curry fish head recipes to the locals and visitors under a roof in better manner.

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In this “Mui Seng” curry fish head restaurant, the owners’ first top recommended in menus surely will be their more than 30 years authentic “Nyonya Curry Fish Head” recipes most wanted by the locals. Local fresh selected red snapper fish head to be recommended here, boil-cooked with their home prepared curry paste broth which made from more than 10 spices ingredient mixture with fish curry powder, then served boiled in claypot topped with lady fingers, long beans & eggplants really brings exotic traditional Peranakan’s nyonya curry sour & spicy taste you must try. Especially the fish head freshness and meat’s texture in bites you will like it.

Secondly will be their “Dry Curry Pork Ribs”, which also among the eating house’s mouth watering daily top seller favourite by their regular customers. Fresh selected & cleaned pork ribs prepared in cutted pieces, cooked with their in-house dry curry paste with meat curry powder mixtures, added into potatoes, then finally served boiled in claypot brings unbelievable excellent curry taste you cannot aside. Obvious dry curry taste into mouth and the pork rib’s bites texture itself you will neither found better elsewhere in town.

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Another will be their signature menu “Braised Pork Trotter with Mushroom”, which also most wanted by the visitors. Local pork trotter prepared in 3 hours after cleaned, cooked with homemade stocks, further boiled and followed with an hour steamed. Then braised with mixed into mushrooms, red carrots and slight chinese rice wine poured into will brings smooth & best texture braised pork trotter you really never regret after tasted. Not only the taste and meat’s texture itself, but also the original natural pork trotter’s collagen stewed-out after hours cooked.

While in veges corner, the owners taken this opportunity to introduce their among best vegetable menu “Beansprouts with Salted Fish” which also being recommended as the best matching with taken beside their signature authentic nyonya curry fish head that you cannot missed when stepped into this recognised “Mui Seng Nyonya Curry Fish Head” restaurant at Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru.



Address: No. 127,

Jalan Beringin,

Taman Melodies,

80250 Johor Bahru,



Business Hours: 11:45am to 3:45pm (Daily)

(Closed on Wednesday)


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