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“Steamboat” is since years among the favourite choice in having lunch/dinner in a group or family gather on a table with a big-pot of soup base sided many raw eateries selection boil-cooked instantly. But here in Johor, we found and being successfully recognised the special 1-to-1 (1 Pot Per Person) steamboat restaurant “Number 5 Steamboat” brought into the market their ‘Eat All You Can’ signatures mini pot to the locals, having great response from the market nowadays.

Both the Johoreans Mr. Tok Loo Sean (born in Muar), together with his wife Ms. Vivian Seet Yuet Yee (born in Johor Bahru) both were the founders. Joined by brother Mr. Tok Loo Wee & wife Ms. Lim Gek Khon, and Aunty Mr. Sia Loo Bin all are the current owners of this recommended 1-to-1 steamboat specialised eating house “Number 5 Steamboat” at Muar, Johor introducing their signatures to the locals and visitors in better manner all air-conditioning environment under a roof.


Tok Loo Sean and wife Vivian Seet whose all the while having great interest in eatery especially steamboat, also travelling around the nation to taste different type/style of steamboat selections in the market wishing to bring the “1-to-1 Eat All You Can” idea back to hometown (Muar) market. Added with foreseeing the market opportunity in f&b industry, also having supports from brother (Loo Wee) & sister in-law (Gek Khin) and Aunty Sia made them decided to stepped into the career all bodied-up in year 2017 successfully established their very first and owned mini pot steamboat (1-to1 Steamboat) along Jalan Mega, Muar serving all fresh and cooked foods to the public under named “Number 5 Steamboat”.

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In this “Number 5″ restaurant, the owners introduced their very first top important heart of menus which is on their home-cooked soup base in options of “Clear Veges Soup”, “Tomato Soup” and “Tom Yam Soup” that among the visitor’s most wanted all prepared in at least 2&half hours boiled in home recipes mixture you must try. What is the special or outstanding differ from the other steamboat restaurant in town will be their 1-to-1 steamboat mini pot (1 pot per person) with soup option on customer’s request respectively neither found the same in town.

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While in their side raw and cooked foods selections all served in “Eat All You Can” basis in categories of vegetables, mushrooms, seafoods, fresh meat slices, steamboat frozen selections, Taiwanese dumpling, beancurd choices etc. And desserts & fruits served in manner with drinks on free flow basis made you unbelievable. Especially the seafoods such fresh prawns, abalone slices & crabs you really cannot aside. Their Taiwanese dumpling made with pork & veges mixture will be also among the restaurant’s customer favourite recently you need to taste.

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Other than those raw & fresh foods prepared, their “Deep Fried Chicken” also among the best in cooked food corner which only served on order. Commonly chicken wings selected, marinated with their home recipes then floured-up, followed by deep fried brings excellent crispy and tasty bites eatery you will never regret after tasted here. Taste differently neither found the same nor even better elsewhere in town according to the founders.

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Nonetheless, besides their mini pot steamboat served in the restaurant welcomed by the locals and visitors. Their cooked “Tom Yam Fish” on in-house recipes also only being served on order, also among the restaurant’s signature menu brings wonderful tom yam sour & spicy taste and fish freshness you really cannot missed taken sided with your pot of steamboat when stepped into this recognised best (1-to-1) one to one Eat All You Can mini steamboat restaurant “Number 5 Steamboat” in Muar, Johor.

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Address: No. 8,

Ground Floor,

Jalan Mega 2,

Pusat Perdagangan Mega Jalan Sakeh,

84000 Muar,



Business Hours: 11:30am to 2:30pm

5:00pm to 10:30pm (Daily)

(Closed on Wednesday)



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