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“Asam /Asam Pedas Fish” is all the while local’s favourite eatery practised traditionally since years ago throughout the nations on respective recipes by differ religious. Where the ‘(Muar) Parit Jawa’s Asam Fish’ which among the best & well known delicacy choice not only by locals, but also most wanted by visitors when reached Muar, Johor. Here, we successfully found and being recognised the best asam fish (Parit Jawa’s recipe) eating house “Tanjung Agas” since 1995 running by Chua family into the 2nd generation.

The local originated couple late Mr. Chua Yock Sing (1952-2015), together with wife Madam Gwee Kwai Chia (born 1960) both were the initial founders of the best recommended asam fish specialist “Restoran Tanjung Agas” introducing their home recipes for more than 20 years in Muar, Johor. Recently being running into their next generation by son Chua Fong Chin (born 1990) and daughter Chua Xing Yee (born 1993) continue their family’s career, being recognised as the best in town year 2018.

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Madam Gwee Kwai Chia, who previously been touched the f&b career under-employed in a chinese cuisine restaurant allowed her to experience (asam fish) in the field. Then in year 1993 with husband Yock Sing began running their very first food stall along Jalan Bakaliah, Muar serving economy rice for about 2 years. Later-on moved into lot named “Bakaliah Muar Asam Fish” in year 1995 started their exposure in the industry spent 10 years there brought the local’s traditional (Parit Jawa’s) asam fish recipes into the market.

In order to expose further, added with their vision to have better eating house’s environment and foreseen the market opportunity in the f&b industry made them in year 2005 successfully moved into storey shoplot in manner with registered “Restoran Tanjung Agas” asam fish specialised restaurant at Tanjung Agas, Muar continued presenting their home recipe Asam Fish and other signatures to the public under a roof. All the while being assisted by son Fong Chin and daughter Xing Yee, to recent.

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In this Restoran Tanjung Agas, the owner’s first & top recommended in menus surely will be their “Signature Asam Fish/Fish Head” which serves in authentic local’s famous Parit Jawa style most wanted by the locals and visitors when reached Muar, Johor. Fresh Grouper Fish or Fish Head from Parit Jawa commonly selected, boil-cooked 15 minutes with their home recipe asam pedas paste/soup broth prepared from mixtures of garlic, asam & chilli brings wonderful asam’s sour and fair spicy taste you must try. Especially the asam pedas soup broth swallowed and the fish freshness itself into mouth.

Secondly will be their traditional home-cooked “Sambal Sotong Prawn”, which also among the restaurant’s daily top seller favourite by their regular customers. Homemade sambal paste prepared in-house from 3 spices mixture, wok-fried with fresh squids and prawns brings excellent wok taste and sambal spicy taste you neither found the same in town. Also the squids & prawns fresh & chewing bites texture you cannot aside.

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Another will be their very home cooked/recipe “Sambal Fish”, which serves in dry-fried too among the best choice for those who like spicy. Fresh Grouper Fish prepared in cutted pieces, then stir-fried with their homemade sambal paste and mixed into chilli padi brings unbelievable spicy hot eatery you will never regret after tasted here. Also the fish bites itself you really cannot missed when stepped into this more than 20 years history best recognised asam fish specialist in town “Restoran Tanjung Agas” in Muar, Johor.



Address: No. 1-12,

Tanjung Agas Industrial Estate,

84000 Muar,


Business Hours: 11:30am to 9:00pm (Daily)


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