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“Roasted Meats” which commonly practised in Cantonese or known Hong Kong Roasted Mix since years been widely exposed and favourite by most of the local’s chinese religious throughout the nation easily found everywhere. But here in Muar, Johor we found and successfully recognised the best local’s very traditional authentic leading home recipe Roasted Meats specialist “Song Kee” presenting their eateries totally differ from the others since year 1957, into 3rd generation after 60 years in the market.

The founder late Mr. Lim Liang Song (1904-1990), who began his homemade roasted meats then passed onto next Mr. Lim Seng Huat (born 1957) assisted by wife Madam Sim Yoke Heng (born 1961) as 2nd generation into re-nowned. Then recently runnning by Lim Khoon Chai (born 1986) as 3rd in the family is the recent and immediate owner of this top recommended 60 years history traditional roasted meats eating place “Song Kee Brothers” still continue serving their unchanged home recipe roasted mix menus to the locals and visitors remains on the same ground right in the middle of Muar Town, Johor.

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Late Mr. Lim Liang Song (Founder), who initially began his very simple homemade roasted meats stall in year 1957 based in the ‘Kim San Food Republic’ coffee house along Jalan Haji Abu, Muar operated without signage. Later-on being taken full responsibility by son Lim Seng Huat in year 1985 on the named “Lim Kee Roasted Meats” continued father’s very authentic recipes started to grap attentions from visitors to reach the town made them among the Muar’s delicacy eatery.

While Lim Khoon Chai (3rd generation), also the recent owner, who at his age of only 32 years old been touched the career since teenage helping parents in their roasted mix stall allowed him to experience the field in manner. Added with his interest in the industry and vision to further expose family’s career fully stepped into the field in year 1997 officially registered as “Song Kee Brothers” Roasted Meats, then took up the responsibility as 3rd generation since 2013, being recognised as best in town after heading 5 years in year 2018.

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In Song Kee Roasted Meats, the owners’ very first top recommended in menus surely will be their 3-generations homemade “Roasted Pork Belly” or known locally ‘Siew Yuk’ which also their most famous selection since beginning. Local fresh belly pork selected, marinated with home recipes made from more than 10 ingredients mixture, then charcoal roasting for 2 hours in traditional local’s style brings excellent crispy skin level and roasted meat’s juicy texture in bites you must try when reached Muar, Johor. To be the best neither found elsewhere better in town.

Secondly will be their homemade “Signature Roasted Pork” or ‘Char Siew’, which totally differ from the others on the nation favourite by their regular customers among the Song Kee’s daily top seller all the while. Local selected pig’s hind leg portion marinated with their family’s special owned home recipes mixture, followed by 45 minutes charcoal roasting coated/wipped on home-prepared rock sugar sauce, then finally served in fine cutted slices brings wonderful roasted colour in red with exotic sweet taste you will never regret after tasted here. Will cannot find the same around the nation outside Muar Town.

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Another will be their in-house hand-made “Chinese Roasted Sausage” which seldom found recently in the market, like by the visitors. Mixtures of pork lean meat, intestine & pork lard with spices rolled/channelled by pig’s intestine layer itself, then followed by 3 hours charcoal roasting will be the very Muar’s traditional way of preparing chinese’s authentic roasted sausage seldom seen recently in this century but still practise by Lim family here brings unbelievable tasty sweet and bites texture into mouth that you cannot aside.


Nonetheless, like other roasted mix sellers, they also serving “Roasted Chicken & Duck” but prepared in their family’s traditional way & recipes differ from the others. Served with poured onto their homemade beans sauce gravy that brings fair sweet & salty taste into mouth will be the perfect matching taken with a plate of hot boiled white/oil rice & tipping onto homemade chilli sauce provided you really cannot missed when stepped towards this more than half decade local’s traditional 3-generations Lim family “Song Kee Brothers” Roasted Meats in Muar, Johor.




Address: No. 40,

Jalan Haji Abu,

84000 Muar,


(Center in Muar Oldtown)

Business Hours: 7:00am to 4:30pm (Daily)



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