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Vegetarianism is the practise of abstaining from the consumption of meat, and may also include abstention from by-products of animal slaughter. “Vegetarian Foods” which also recently being frequently and favourite by the locals, that practised by restaurants around the nation all on respective recipes. Here in the south, we successfully found and been recognised the outstanding vegetarian eating house “Harmony Kopitiam” introducing all their menus in manner at Muar, Johor carried by a youngster in twenties of age since 2017.

The local originated Mr. Lee Chun Lek (born 1995) is the recent immediate owner of this best recommended vegetarian restaurant/coffee shop “Harmony Kopitiam” along Jalan Sultan Ibrahim, Muar serving their signature menus selection on Asian’s cuisine all prepared in-house. And providing a very comfortable environments that totally differ from the other traditional existing vegetarian restaurants in town, too currently having great positive response from the public.

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Lee Chun Lek, who only at his age of 23 years old currently, who also grown up in a vegetarian taker’s family which his parents all the while are Vegetarians allowed him to understand and experience the consumption’s pave deeply. Having great interest in eatery, also foreseeing the market opportunity in the f&b industry. Added with his vision to have his very owned and different concept on a modern vegetarian eating house, added with the supports from parents allowed Chun Lek in year 2017 fully stepped into the career then running his very first coffee house/kopitiam in hometown Muar, Johor named “Harmony Kopitiam” to serve the vegetarians and non-vegetarians under a same roof.


In this Harmony Kopitiam, the owner Chun Lek’s very first top recommended in menus will be their “Harmony Signature Minced Pork Rice” (In Vegetarian) which most favourite by the regular customers. (Pork Minced) that replaced & made of chopped mushrooms fried on home recipe sauce, served topped onto hot boiled white rice with a fried sunny egg and sided with cucumber slices brings exotic sweet & fair chilli spicy taste you must try when reached Muar, Johor.


Secondly will be among their vegetarian’s best choice on home creation called the “Sardin Fish Egg Rice” (In Vegetarian) also the kopitiam’s daily top seller recently. (Sardin Fish) that replaced & made of dried beancurd sheet prepared in shredded, then fried with chopped cabbage on their in-house 4-ingredients mixture sweet & sour sauce, finally served topped onto rice with a sunny egg brings wonderful appertising taste into mouth which you will neither found the same elsewhere in town.


While in noodles corner, the owner introduced their most famous “Fried Vegetarian Prawn Noodles” which most wanted by their visitors nowadays. Flour-made yellow noodles fried with tiny rice noodles (Mee Hoon) and homemade chilli sauce, mixed into veges & beansprouts then served topped with (Prawn) replaced & made of recipe flour brings excellent tasty spicy and amazing prawn-like taste into mouth you really cannot missed when stepped into this best vegetarian restaurant “Harmony Kopitiam” in Muar, Johor.



(Vegetarian Restaurant)

Address: No. 13-2,

Jalan Sultan Ibrahim,

84000 Muar,


Business Hours: 7:30am to 4:30pm

(Closed on Monday)



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