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Always heard of “Taiwanese Oyster Noodles” which commonly & famously taken among the Taiwan local’s delicacy eatery known by around the world being recently practised by restaurants in our nation on respective recipes. But if talk about our local’s cantonese style of oyster noodles, we have successfully found and been recognised the best in town home recipe fresh oyster noodles serve-boiled in claypot carried by “Yan Style”, running by Lee family since 2005 in Johor.

The Muar local originated Mr. Lee Hong Yong (born 1970), together with his wife Ms. Joyce Ng Kim Kuan both were the initial founders of this top recommended local’s oyster noodles specialist “Yan Style Restaurant” carried into next generation lead by their son Eugene Lee Yu Chin (born 1996) continues their exposure in the career in better manner under the same roof along Jalan Junid, Muar introducing their very Signature Fresh Oyster Yam Noodles and other recommended menus to the public into their 13th years.

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Lee Hong Yong, who at his age of 48 years old currently, being stepped into the f&b industry in 1980s at his teenage began as kitchen trainee helper spent more than 20 years experienced the career all the while in chinese cuisine field. Later-on with the vision to have his very owned eating house made Hong Yong in year 2005 successfully established his very first chinese & seafood cuisines restaurant in hometown Muar, Johor named “Yan Style Restaurant”. Also being assisted by wife Joyce Ng from the beginning.

While Eugene Lee, the next generation, who grown up in a f&b family since his teenage being touched the career helping parents in their restaurant allowed him to have great interest in eatery & chefing. Added with his mission to further expose his father’s recipes and foreseeing the market opportunity in the industry made him in year 2015 fully stepped into the career at his 19th, as the 2nd generation.

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In Yan Style eating house, the founder’s very first top recommended in menus will be their “Signature Fresh Oyster Yam Noodles” which all the while re-nowned by the public as their most famous selection in town. In-house 3 hours boiled soup base with pork bones, cooked with Fook Chow Mee (flour-made flat noodles), then serve-boiled in claypot mixed with veges, chicken egg & yam cubes, finally topped with fresh oysters and a chicken egg (raw) brings unbelievable smooth broth swallowed and exotic yam & oyster freshness taste into mouth you must try when reached Muar, Johor.

Secondly will be their home recipe “Hokkien Mee”, which also among the visitors’ favourite here. Round-rough yellow noodles (Hokkien Noodle) selected, stir-fried about 10 minutes mixed into pork slices, chicken meats, squids, deep fried pork lards and their 4 ingredients recipe mixture brings excellent wok & sweet taste you really neither found the same elsewhere in town. As alike the famous middle nation’s Hokkien Mee recipes found here in the south you cannot aside.

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Another will be their “Herbals Chicken Pot”, which among the best choice of chinese cuisine selection in the restaurant. Local feeded chicken selected, steamed an hour with about 10 herbals mixture, sided with quality sea cucumber, scallop and pork tendon will be wonderful presentable & amazing herbal chicken pot that brings healthy and obvious exotic herbal taste into mouth. Especially the chicken meat’s bites texture itself into mouth you will never regret after tasted, also the natural soup broth freshness from the steams into mouth.

While in seafoods corner, the founder introduced their “Signature Sambal Crab” that most wanted by their regular customers. Locals or imported meat crabs carefully selected, smoked 15 minutes with gingers, garlic & their homemade sambal paste brings exciting spicy & smoked crab’s exotic taste that totally differ from the others found in town you should like it. Especially for those who like spicy or for those who are crab’s lovers, this is the best place to visit.


Nonetheless, the owners also taken the opportunity to present their well known “Fish Head Pot” in Teoh Chew recipes which also among the restaurant’s best seller. Fresh local sea fish head prepared in cutted pieces, followed by deep fried, then served with home-cooked soup broth mixed into yams, veges, needle mushrooms, fishballs & pepper brings perfect traditional authentic Teoh Chew’s fish head pot you really cannot missed when stepped into this best recognised “Yan Style Restaurant” in Muar, Johor.



Address: TS 40,

Jalan Junid,

84000 Muar,


Business Hours: 5:00pm to 1:00am (Daily)



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