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“Peanut Candy” and “Kaya Puff” both been thousand of years among the chinese’s traditional confectionery eateries practised and favourites in decade as Perak Ipoh’s famous local delicacy must-eat when reached the state, especially cannot missed by the visitors from around the world. Here in Ipoh new township, we found and successfully recognised the best 3-generations & more than 50 years homemade peanut candy and kaya puff selections under a roof in Ipoh “Sin Weng Fai”. Recently running by the Ng’s 3rd generation brother & sisters.

The Ipoh, Perak local originated recipes-founder Mr. Ng Lian Pin (85 years old currently) who initially stepped into the F&B industry touched the baking & pastry making at his age of 36th began as home-baker. Then operating his very traditional way to promote his peanut candies & kaya puffs on his mobile stall along Ipoh town, later-on in 1960s began his retail to further his exposure in the field.


While Lian Pin’s son Ng Kiang Eng (born 1967), the 2nd generation, being touched the family’s career since his 17th of age helping father in their productions been generation passed onto the responsibility to continue expose family’s recipes also assisted by wife Madam Kwan. With the mission to sustain their homemade recipes & position in the market, vision to go further in the industry and added wishing to continuous presenting their family’s generations confectionery eateries enabled the Ng family in year 2015 successfully established their Ipoh “Sin Weng Fai Peanut Candy Shop” along Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Ipoh new township. Into their 3rd generation operating by Ng Mun Yee (born 1991), Ng Cheng Yee (born 1992), Jeffrey Ng Yik Huei (born 1996) & Joyce Ng Yen Yee (born 1999).

In this Ipoh “Sin Weng Fai”, the owners’ very first top recommended among their signatures surely will be their family’s more than 50 years history homemade “Traditional Chinese Peanut Candy” which most wanted by the visitors. Selected ground peanuts cooked & prepared after about half and hour roasted, followed by uncoated & cleaned-up, then homemade mixed with in-house rock sugar and white sugar mixtures into slight rice shredded baked on daily basis to have the best freshness brings excellent fair salty and exotic sweet taste into mouth you must try when reached Ipoh, Perak.

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Secondly will be their 3-generations Ng’s family home recipe “Signature Kaya Puff”, which among the shop’s daily top seller also served on daily-baked basis to bring the best bites texture. In-house coconut jam/paste (Kaya) homemade from the mixtures of chicken egg, coconut milk, fresh milk & pandan leaf prepared in 2 hours steamed, then hand-wrapped insided-into their flour-made coating in layers, and finally served after about 30-40 minutes baked brings wonderful crispy bites Kaya Puff you really never regret after tasted here especially the kaya’s fair sweet taste into mouth.

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Another will be their famous “Peanut Cone”, which neither found better elsewhere in town favourite by their regular customers all the while. Flour-made cone with the size of a ‘thumb finger’ baked in 20 minutes into shape, finished then served with their home recipe roasted peanuts shredded mixtures into it (cone) will brings unbelievable fair delicious sweet and texturing one-bites eatery into mouth that you cannot aside here.


Nonetheless, they also introduced their more than half decade home recipe “Heong Peah”, is a kind of chinese’s traditional pastry taken since years ago. Homemade mixtures of deep-fried chopped onions & rock sugar, wrapped into flour coating then finally baked topped with sesame will be the best crispy and texturing bites of chinese biscuits you really cannot missed when stepped into this 3-generations more than 50 years Ng’s family home recipes peanut candy shop “Sin Weng Fai” along the Ipoh town Perak.



Address: No. 69 & 69A, 71 & 71A,

Jalan Yau Tet Shin,

30300 Ipoh, Perak.

Business Hours: 9:00am to 10:00pm (Daily)




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